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At work we have a BYOD policy, have to use TigerText on our personal cellphones if we use them at work. Its cuz TT is HIPAA compliant meaning the text messages auto delete and don’t remain on the phone so if it is lose or stolen, the messages are deleted.

So, I got a text from them saying that they now have a pager feature (called tigerpage ), they give you a phone number that is a pager number and if you give the number to someone, when they call it, the page goes to your phone through tigertext and it beeps and you get the message and call back #

I told it to a couple of friends, and they got it on their phones and we got numbers and are now paging each other all the time.

Now, its like why didn’t we do this earlier. Why did pagers go out of style?

Its like a page is something I respond to better then an email or txt, but I can still put it off unlike someone calling me then leaving a voice mail I wont listen to.
Am I the only one who thinks pagers are cool?

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