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Kodak Zi8 Issues: Battery or Previous Use as a Display Model?

Curly_BraceCurly_Brace Robot GirlMimiga VillageRegistered User regular
So I recently purchased a Kodak Zi8 digital camcorder. It was a display model, but the company I purchased it from gave me an extended warranty to cover any issues. I have, however, noticed several problems:

1. The battery life is pretty bad. I've recorded 1080p video over a course of an hour and apparently used half the battery life.

2. The manual says it should take about two hours to charge the battery, but it usually takes three to four hours. Also, I can't seem to use the unit at all while it's charging.

3. Just a few hours ago I noticed yet another issue: the camera would freeze up a few seconds after turning it on. I could only reset it by pulling out the battery. Not even the power button would work. After I left it alone (and off) for about twenty minutes (and popped the battery back out and back in) the unit powered up and functioned as usual.

4. I also uploaded several images and videos from the camera's memory card onto my laptop. However, several files (both pictures and video) were corrupted and, I think, unrecoverable.

Are all of these issues related? Do I have a lemon? Will a new battery fix most or all of these issues? Was I ripped off?

Curly_Brace on


  • chrishallett83chrishallett83 Hi! Registered User regular
    It's a good thing you have a valid warranty for the camera, because it's proper fucked. Take it back to the store and exchange it for a new one...

  • Curly_BraceCurly_Brace Robot Girl Mimiga VillageRegistered User regular
    Update: I contacted both the sellers and the Warranty company. Hopefully one or both of them can either get it fixed or replaced.

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