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The PA Report - Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen needs your money to get more money, and promises everyth



  • OptimusCrimeOptimusCrime Registered User
    edited October 2012
    I really don't give a f*ck what this article says. I want this game to be made. I did my part. Give them $60 because that's how much I would pay for a video game. He promised lots of things that he's already done in the past. The only think I see that's new is a seamless fps to ship experience. He even PROVED he could do that in his prototype demo. He actually showed what he can do and I'm seeing people doubt his god given powers. I can't believe the lack of reasoning of some people these days.

    OptimusCrime on
  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    One thing I wonder in looking at the physics and graphics is what kind of captain hugecock PC is going to be required to run this.

  • DavinDavin Registered User regular
    6 million, baby.

  • bretyliumbretylium Registered User new member
    So Ben Kuchera (this articles author), have you eaten enough crow yet? You are another of the naysayer critics who are so firmly rooted in the established publishing system they cannot possibly imagine that a guy like Chris Robert can pull it off. That's why CR made his mark with Wing Commander, taking a genre to another level with vision, ambition and creativity. Sep 17th 2013 Star Citizen hit $19 million in its crowdfunding drive, with more to come. And there are no investors donating money and dictating terms to Chris Roberts vision for the next level of Space Sim. And the best part is, this game will be for the PC and require enthusiast level hardware to run properly. And with all this, it still has $19+ million in funding to date despite being "not mainstream". Keep your eyes open Ben Kuchera, when CR is done you will be writing op-eds for local highschool newspapers instead of major gaming websites..........

  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    Why would he eat crow? The game isn't out yet. Even when it is, I'm sure Ben would rather have the game to play than not. Maybe you should work on the bizarre personal stake you have in the success of a game.

  • Bucko FamaBucko Fama Registered User new member
    Star Citizen has almost hit $21 million in crowd funding now. Waiting for the retraction of this article.

  • OldSchoolChickenOldSchoolChicken Registered User regular
    Not that I blame you Ben, but you (luckily) were a bit off the mark on this one. Glad Roberts was dreaming, because the dream is coming into "good bet" territory.

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