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[Phalla]- Blackout in Phallaville- Game Over! Invader Victory!

lonelyahavalonelyahava Mortius is correctMove to New ZealandRegistered User regular
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Attention. Attention. is this thing on? Yes? Excellent. For those of you within the sound of my voice, please do not be alarmed. This is not a test of the emergency broadcast system, this is a real emergency. For those of you who can hear my voice, I will repeat, this is not a drill.

Moments ago our area was hit by some as of yet undetermined natural disaster. Or man-made disaster. We are, at this time, unaware of the source of the problem. You have felt the ground tremble and you have noticed that all of the world around you went dark. It is now closing in on Midnight here in Phallaville and there is no electricity. I am speaking to you from the old radio tower on the hill. We have managed to get in and get the equipment working, but this is going to take a round the clock effort to keep things as they are. We have not received any information from the outside world as to what is happening. All that we know is that for right now, we are on our own.

Our generator here at the radio station is human powered. There are a few of us here and we will be doing out best to keep you informed. But we will need your help. If you are out there, please, dig through your attics, your basements, your kids closet. Find those old transistor radios and those battery operated radios and CBs. Please, we may not be able to talk to you directly, but let us know that you are there.

We will get through this together. Once we know what 'this' is.

Game Overview:

Genre: Standard (village v mafia) with some added flavor

This is a Phalla game, Penny Arcade Forum's version of the party game Mafia. If this is your first game, it will be informative to visit the linked topic for some background information.

Signing Up

Sign up with the phrase "I !sign up" or similar phrase in bold limegreen or other bright, easily visible color to ensure that your intent to play is acknowledged. Signups will be open for at most 72 hours, but will close once the maximum of 50 players is reached.


It is expected that players do at least two of the following three things each day to be considered sufficiently active: make at least two posts, make a vote, submit private actions. A warning will be sent on the first day that this requirement is not met, and a replacement will be made on the second consecutive day of inactivity or third day overall. If there are no replacements available, then the player will be eliminated from the game.


Any questions about the general game rules may be made by highlighting the question in bold darkorange text. Answers will be posted in the thread and collected in the below section. Player-specific inquiries that are not addressed in the general rules may be asked via PM to the host.

Other Rules

Standard Phalla rules apply: no sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots or direct quotation. However, information may be shared indirectly, such as through rephrasing. You may not add new players to preexisting private conversations after the first message - start a new conversation instead. No anonymous contact is allowed. All messages must be traceable to a player in the game. Once you are eliminated, you may not make any more game conversation with players remaining in the game. You must add the host to all PM conversations.

If any players create "proboards" for private communication or interesting conversations including more than two players, please send links for them to the host.

Vote Close

Vote close will be at 9pm EDT. Which is 2pm for me. This might be subject to change but likely won't.


Order of actions?

Vote ---> Everything else

Ties with the vote?

You only wish I'd answer this


No, there are not.

Player List


The Dead List

Day One
Kilnaga –Invader
Vagrant_Winds – Townsperson
Kime –townsperson
Anialos- Townsperson
MagicPrime- Townsperson
Baidol –Doctor

Day Two
Stever777 –townsperson
Megafrost- townsperson
Delmain- bartender
The Anonymous- townsperson
Assuran- townsperson
Trueneverbown- townsperson

Saberovereasy-- townsperson
Delphinidaes-- townsperson
Mr Blarney-- townsperson
Maximus-- townsperson
MrTlicious – Tourist
SlyM –Invader
38thDoe—lazy townsperson

Mill – Doctor
Jdarksun –townsperson
warban –Invader

Sir Fabulous –townsperson
TheRoadVirus- townsperson
Typhus733- Town Cop
Koan – Invader
blahmcblah – Townsperson
TehSloth –Townsperson

Burnage – lover with a suicide pact
Rainfall – lover with a suicide pact
Ketbra –townsperson
Thetheroo- The prisoner

Malkor – unlucky sod
Cythraul – Town Cop
Obifett –invader
Facetious –townsperson
Romanqwerty –invader

The Darkness Begins
Sad Day for the Doctor
No more Free Drinks
Beer is Serious Business
Gotta Learn First Aid Now
The Silence of The Death
Love is Forever
Nothing Left

Villager PM
You are a townsperson from Phallaville. You have made your way to the emergency shelter, as you were asked to do by the radio voice. You know that the world outside is black and impossible to see through. You know that there are a lot of you in this shelter, but that food and water and heat are all working. For now. And you know that there are Invaders who spoke through the radio to you. But you know nothing else. The world could be burning down outside and you would know nothing. But your instincts are telling you that these Invaders are dangerous and must be gotten rid of.

Win Condition: you win when all of the Invaders have been removed from the game.

lonelyahava on


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