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[PATV] Monday, October 15, 2012 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 24: Trouble on the Farm



  • shoeboxjeddyshoeboxjeddy Registered User regular
    They uhh, eliminated the manual altogether for RE6. So I guess you could say that was a different direction from what you suggested.

  • Rigs83Rigs83 Registered User regular
    Well I would feel sorry for Zynga except they bragged about how they made money by putting malware on customers' computers in the early days so yes let's do celebratory shots

  • Bewildered_RoninBewildered_Ronin Registered User regular
    While I do understand the frustration of not knowing these things about RE6, I can also appreciate the old-school "figure out these hidden things" approach. IIRC, Metal Gear and MGS had plenty of little tricks that you had to learn. Psycho Mantis? Port 2? Fun times.

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  • johnnywhitebreadjohnnywhitebread Registered User regular
    I think the joke is that the green frames put Graham into a semi-seizure state. That's why he got angry and had to apologize.

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