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I haven't posted here in awhile and thought I'd share a few things I've been working on..

I like this one of Data as Sherlock Holmes

I loved kira and odo in ds9, I got Rene Auberjonois to like this one on twitter, it was awesome

This is one of Dukat Damar 2012, I enjoyed doing it

More political trek comics

For a MSPA Trek Fan Adventure, I did a special Terezi Of Borg

One of my other webcomic / MSPA fan Adventures

Any thoughts on these would be appreciated : D

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    FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    I think that the main problem with some of this pieces, is that they are about star trek. As a secondary issue, I have to say:

    -The first two look incredibly rushed and lazy, not to mention the first guy`s nose. The colour bleeding you have going on everywhere is not helping you, if you were doing some pop art thing, and trying to imitate the typical errors of a press... but no, here colour bleeding all over simply looks like that. They could also use more contrast, or a more interesting palette, as (the first one) looks really bland, maybe having the skin clearer and using some purple/blue-ish shadows for the skin parts. The second one just looks rushed.

    -Regarding the comics, I am clearly biased since I think star trek is the lamest thing ever, up there next to pokemon and republicans. Still you got stuff bleeding out of the edges in a non-artsy way, thats 100% lazyness.

    -The pixelated thing..... its like 8 bit music, it worked 25 years ago when technology didnt know any better, right now it just seems pointless and redundant to constrain yourself in such a way for no reason. (I think its awfull, but mainly because of the medium)

    -And the last one I like the best, it looks simple and natural, it DOES look rushed like all the other ones, but in that particular drawing I dont think it is a bad thing, on the contrary I think it works towards it, it looks sincere and I like it for that reason.

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    miaAusamiaAusa GOD Gamer Of Daters ValhallaRegistered User regular
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    I love Star Trek too much, it's hard not to draw it, but I think it's going well, I am overall hearing good things about my star trek artwork, I still do more, i love rpgs too much.

    The first two are a bit rushed, but I was trying for something fast and sketchy, I guess I like the look alot, sometimes It's hard for me to spend 8 or more hours on a piece but I've been trying that more, kinda keeping a variety some that are a few hours and some that seem like days are more, I'm always in between alot of artwork, it always relaxes me alot.

    They could use more interesting colors, I have to agree with that, I was thinking about that when I was making them and trying some colors, I'm still experming there trying to use a wide variety of colors and still make it look good.

    I guess you wouldn't like me, I love star trek and pokemon the most, hehe.

    I love old school graphics too, I love 8bit and 16bit graphics too much, they are 25 years old, but that's why I love them, TNG is 25 years old too, many still have a taste for old school graphics, games are constantly being made today with old school graphics.

    I'm glad you liked the last one, more of a basic coloring scheme there, it does look a bit more natural I go back and forth between coloring variations though I just like to draw more, sometimes i love the cell shading, and sometimes I want it to look textured, it does take time to make a good artwork.

    I did an art piece of Wil Wheaten recently, He seemed to like it, he ever retweeted it, it was awesome it made my day like how Odo liked the portrait of him and Kira


    You'd have to watch the episode to get it, but it's funny seems like most people really like it. : D I started to get motivated when I saw Wil Wheaten on the big bang with a fruit fucker shirt on, it made me really happy.

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    MustangMustang Arbiter of Unpopular Opinions Registered User regular
    Yeah I remember that episode. Will holds pretty big in Internet court, so I suppose it's not that surprising that he's a PA fan.

    Anyway, your drawings are leaning heavily on anime techniques, which is fine if you're into that thing, but the issue is that you use these technique to bypass learning fundamentals. By doing this you severely limit your ability to progress.

    I would suggest you take some time away from away from digital art. Grab a pencil and paper, get some Star Trek headshot references from google images and draw the faces as closely to the original as you can. If you're short on time, just do noses, or eyes, or mouths, fill up pages of them. I guarantee that you're ability to interperet what your seeing and put it onto paper will start to improve considerably.

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    miaAusamiaAusa GOD Gamer Of Daters ValhallaRegistered User regular
    Yeah Wil Wheaton is a big PA fan from what I've seen on PA TV and other places, seems like he's always at PAX and other things related to that, I'm glad I got it retweeted. It's a funny episode too, they use that area in other star trek episodes, it's interesting to see it over and over again.

    I guess I like drawing the anime way alot, anime can be anime like and disproportional but it's fun that way, I guess to many video games and anime growing up but that style has always been my favorite, I've found it a bit harder to draw more realistic, but I try to from time to time, legs used to be difficult but I'm working on them more.

    Sometimes I think I should draw more non digital, I like the way it comes out, but there's something about a pencil or other media on paper, that's always fun and good advice, I watch alot of star trek so I can draw from that, sometimes I draw my pictures too then Ink them on the computer, sometimes I just draw straight to the digital medium too, good to try a variety of mediums in art : D

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