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Final Fantasy Fancomics

GiantPlaidMonkGiantPlaidMonk Registered User new member
edited October 2012 in Artist's Corner
So I figure I'm the LAST guy on earth to think of this kind of thing, but I was participating in a community art challenge and started theming the entries to the Final Fantasy world for poops and giggles. Entry 1's requirements were a "Helium-filled dog floating too close to a cactus" and Entry 2's was "The Great Pumpkin"

Uber-noob to the webcomics world, so feedback and crits would be awesomely welcome.

(er...else I guess I wouldn't be posting here in the first place)



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  • PetesalzlPetesalzl vorpal blade in hand Registered User regular
    its not really a criticism or helpful suggestion, but i gotta say i sorta love it and want to see more.

  • MustangMustang Arbiter of Unpopular Opinions Registered User regular
    The art is not too bad, but I don't have a fucking clue what is going on.

    Now I've never played final fantasy, so that accounts for me not "getting" the references.
    That being said, even an FF layman such as myself should be able to piece enough together to at least get the joke.

    Mike and Jerry consistently manage this with their material, it is extremely fucking rare that I'm left bewildered like I am here.

  • GrifterGrifter BermudaModerator mod
    I actually like this stuff. I kinda wish they were in colour instead of b&w.

    I do feel like the text in the second panel of the first strip is covering more of the art than needed. Also the text in the final speech bubble of that same panel is not formatted correctly.

  • FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    My only beef is that the same character has different speech bubbles, but the change doesnt account for diferent tone or situation, what happened there ?

    Yes, with a quick verbal "boom." You take a man's peko, you deny him his dab, all that is left is to rise up and tear down the walls of Jericho with a ".....not!" -TexiKen
  • m.brooks42m.brooks42 Registered User regular
    i really like ur drawing style.

  • ShadowsofBirdsShadowsofBirds Registered User regular
    I feel like such a nerd for getting those references.

    I generally don't mind the greyscale + splashes of color but I've got to agree that this one could use more color.
    I've already got an RSS subscription to your crosstown (which I'm still waiting for the overarching plotline to develope) - I'd subscribe to this too. :P

  • silveroussilverous Registered User new member
    am loving it! would love to see more! are you planning to work further on this? =p

  • GiantPlaidMonkGiantPlaidMonk Registered User new member
    Holy crap - comments! Obviously haven't checked here in a while...

    Thanks to all for your feedback. RE the speech balloons, I've got a lot to learn for sure. The difference in balloons from one to the other is me not being satisfied with the first effort and trying something new for the second. RE colour vs. b/w - each of these was done in a pretty short single sitting (2-3hrs), so I couldn't crank out proper colour in the time I had. I do agree that Final Fantasy-themed comics should probably be more colourful than not.

    Thanks very much for taking the time to comment, and thanks for the subscription, Shadows! :)

  • Cr33gCr33g AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Awesome work, man. I'd hate to say it though but I can imagine that if I weren't a fan of Final Fantasy, I wouldn't have a clue what's going on... being a massive nerd however, I do understand. :)

    Your style is pretty sweet, the only thing I can really comment on, as already been commented, is maybe it'd be nice to see a little more colour. It's understandable if black and white is the style you're chasing but remember - Final Fantasy games are games that are generally filled with beautifully elaborate and creative designs, full of rich colour and life. I'm not saying your artwork isn't, but maybe try adding a little more colour. (Edit) Just read you drew this on a tight time frame... maybe you could revisit it to look into colour? Or perhaps future works could be in colour?

    The second speech bubble after "He'll be fine" looks a little awkward. Personally I read it fine, but others may find it a little awkward. Perhaps put all the text in the one speech bubble instead?

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