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Skies of Phalladia - Finale: Into Blue Skies

MrBlarneyMrBlarney Registered User regular
edited November 2012 in Critical Failures

Skies of Phalladia
A MrBlarney Production
with thanks to Infidel for page hosting and programming support.
Original game by Overworks and SEGA.


With sky above and sky below, the people of the world of Phalladia live on continents suspended in the air. For a long time, the people were bound to the lands they were born on; not knowing what was beyond the horizon. And then, a blessing from the sky came crashing down in the form of moonstones: rocks containing immense energy waiting to be tapped. Vessels were constructed to harness the energy of these stones, and the power of flight was discovered. An age of adventure and discovery has spread throughout Phalladia as the civilizations of the world have now become able to travel between each other's lands to exchange goods and ideas. Air Pirates have made their mark throughout each with their own objectives: to chart new lands, to discover exotic treasures, to become renowned through power and wealth. The ability to travel the skies has brought seemingly endless possibilities to the people of Phalladia, and the world entered a prosperous time.

But not all was peaceful, not with a young land experiencing a great expansion in power. The great powers of the world have taken note of each other, and each has ambitions of becoming the dominant force in Phalladia. As an unfortunate effect of the nations' warring, Air Pirates of all nationalities have been dragged into conflict as well, as each nation has taken steps towards suppressing what they see as an uncertain factor in their plans for victory. Will the age of discovery be quashed under the heel of one of the great powers? Or will freedom win the day, pushing the nations' dispute away from the rest of the world?

Game Overview

Genre: Hybrid (Village Factions vs. Mafia Factions), Battle Mechanics w/ Personal Pages

This is a Phalla game, Penny Arcade Forum's version of the party game Mafia. If this is your first game, it will be informative to visit the linked topic for some background information.

This game is inspired by the video game Skies of Arcadia. No knowledge of the source game is required to play in this game.

This Phalla is structured as a hybrid game, combining aspects of factional and traditional game types. Players take the role of captains of airships, sailing the open skies. Most players will be aligned with one of two groups: the Blue Rogues, and the Black Pirates. A minority of players will be aligned with one of the two major nations of the world, the Bravian Empire and the Kingdom of Ashan. While Blue Rogues and Black Pirates players start the game without information about other players, Bravian Empire and Kingdom of Ashan players start out connected as a group. In this setup, the traditional mafia vs. village game is in place, but factions within each major categorization must also keep tabs on their standings compared to the other group. This game also features personal stat pages with which players may conduct additional actions outside of the thread discussion and vote.

Personal Stat Pages
Many of this game’s features are conducted through personal stat pages:

On the left side of the page, you will first see your player name, then below that, your ship name. You may set your ship name at any time before the end of the first day by letting the host know via PM (as a reply to your initial PM giving your starting role information). Below the ship name are its components, consisting of a hull and any equipped weapon and armor components, and each part’s stat value.

On the lower left side, you can conduct actions with the parts in your inventory and set general actions for the day. You can also purchase items to add to your inventory. In the lower middle, you’ll see a box for listing the skills you have learned, and below that the amount of money you have.

The right side is dedicated to a record of activity during the day and at day resolution. You’ll be able to click arrows in the upper right corner to navigate to logs from past days.

Equipment and Items
Parts come in four major types: hull, weapon, armor, and items. Hull, weapon, and armor parts are collectively known as equipment, and are the parts that comprise a player’s ship. Items cannot be equipped, but instead can provide various support effects. A list of purchasable parts can be found below; there are certain special parts that are not listed.
  • Gallus Class Hull (Hull) - Cost: 3000 Gold - HP 1200, DEF 30, EVA 25, Capacity 1
  • Apus Class Hull (Hull) - Cost: 6000 Gold - HP 2100, DEF 30, EVA 40, Capacity 3
  • Passer Class Hull (Hull) - Cost: 6200 Gold - HP 2200, DEF 34, EVA 34, Capacity 3
  • Falco Class Hull (Hull) - Cost: 7800 Gold - HP 2250, DEF 36, EVA 31, Capacity 4
  • Corvus Class Hull (Hull) - Cost: 8000 Gold - HP 2350, DEF 40, EVA 25, Capacity 4
  • Aquila Class Hull (Hull) - Cost: 9800 Gold - HP 2500, DEF 42, EVA 22, Capacity 5
  • Strix Class Hull (Hull) - Cost: 10000 Gold - HP 2600, DEF 46, EVA 16, Capacity 5

  • Standard Cannon (Weapon) - Cost: 1800 Gold - ATK 165, HIT 85
  • Enhanced Cannon (Weapon) - Cost: 2700 Gold - ATK 185, HIT 90
  • Heavy Cannon (Weapon) - Cost: 4000 Gold - ATK 210, HIT 95
  • Advanced Cannon (Weapon) - Cost: 6000 Gold - ATK 240, HIT 100
  • Light Torpedo (Weapon) - Cost: 1800 Gold - ATK 195, HIT 70
  • Shock Torpedo (Weapon) - Cost: 2700 Gold - ATK 215, HIT 75
  • Hunter Torpedo (Weapon) - Cost: 4000 Gold - ATK 240, HIT 80
  • Heavy Torpedo (Weapon) - Cost: 6000 Gold - ATK 270, HIT 85
  • Light Turret (Weapon) - Cost: 1800 Gold - ATK 135, HIT 110
  • Medium Turret (Weapon) - Cost: 2700 Gold - ATK 155, HIT 115
  • Seeker Turret (Weapon) - Cost: 4000 Gold - ATK 180, HIT 120
  • Sniper Turret (Weapon) - Cost: 6000 Gold - ATK 210, HIT 125

  • Steel Deck (Armor) - Cost: 700 Gold - DEF 4
  • Compound Deck (Armor) - Cost: 1300 Gold - DEF 7
  • Heavy Armor Deck (Armor) - Cost: 2300 Gold - DEF 12
  • Alloy Deck (Armor) - Cost: 4000 Gold - DEF 20
  • Auxiliary Engine (Armor) - Cost: 700 Gold - EVA 4
  • Turbo Engine (Armor) - Cost: 1300 Gold - EVA 7
  • Booster Engine (Armor) - Cost: 2300 Gold - EVA 12
  • Synchro Engine (Armor) - Cost: 4000 Gold - EVA 20

  • Repair Kit (Item) - Cost: 600 Gold - Recover 800 HP, consumed after use.
  • Deluxe Kit (Item) - Cost: 1200 Gold - Recover 1600 HP, consumed after use.
  • Power Wax (Item) - Cost: 600 Gold - Temporarily increase ATK 5% for the day, consumed after use.
  • Armor Polish (Item) - Cost: 600 Gold - Temporarily increase DEF 15% for the day, consumed after use.
  • Gear Grease (Item) - Cost: 600 Gold - Temporarily increase HIT 10% for the day, consumed after use.
  • Speed Wax (Item) - Cost: 600 Gold – Temporarily increase EVA 15% for the day, consumed after use.

To purchase a part, select the item from the Buy dropdown at the bottom left corner of the stat page. You will be asked to confirm your selection before the purchase goes through. Only items for which you have sufficient funds will be listed in the dropdown.

Ship Building Tips
The most important part of a ship is its hull. Smaller hulls are cheaper and favor evasion over defense, but have a limited number of equipment slots for weapons and armors. With these hulls, you can start with better equipment but expansion is more difficult. Larger hulls, on the other hand, are more expensive and favor defense over evasion, but allow for more equipment to be equipped overall. At the start of the game, the quality of equipment will be low, but there will be plenty of room to grow.

Once a hull is selected, weapon and armor choices are key. There are three major types of weapon: cannons, torpedos, and turrets. Cannons are balanced choices with no particular advantages or disadvantages. Torpedos have low accuracies but high power: these are best used against ships with low evasion and high defense like those with larger hulls. Turrets, on the other hand, have low power, but high accuracy: these are best used against ships with high evasion but low defense like those with smaller hulls. Knowing this about the weapon types, you should tailor your armor parts so that you're most prepared for the attacks that you expect.

Part Use and Actions
There are a number of different ways to manage parts in your inventory and set them for use during the day’s resolution using the upper set of dropdowns:

Use: Items can be set to the Use action for their effects to be activated during the day's close. Don't forget to set a target for the action, or else the item will not activate. If you use an item on another player, they will not know who used it on them. Most items will be consumed upon use, though certain special items will remain in the inventory after use.
Equip: Equipment can be set into a ship equipment slot during the day with this action. The maximum number of parts that may be equipped at one time will differ between hulls; weapons can only be equipped to the top two slots of a ship. If a slot already contains equipment, the item in that slot will be returned to the user inventory. If a hull is exchanged, all equipped parts will be returned to inventory. It is also possible to de-equip non-hull parts without exchanging them by clicking on the 'x' by the part shown in the upper area.
Sell: Equipment and items alike may be sold for half their purchase price. Special items with no purchase price cannot be sold. So that you do not accidentally sell important things, you will be prompted for verification when making a sale.

There are also a number of general actions that will be resolved at the day’s close using the central dropdowns.

Attack: If you have at least one weapon equipped on your vessel, you may opt to attack another player. When making an attack, all equipped weapons will be fired; each weapon is a separate attack against your opponent’s ship. The chance for the attack to hit is the difference between the attacker’s accuracy and the defender’s evasion (HIT - EVA), with a minimum 5% chance to hit and maximum 95% chance to hit. If the attack connects, the damage done is the square of the weapon attack value divided by the defense value of the target (ATK^2 / DEF). Attacker's HIT and ATK values include the weapon's base value plus bonuses from skills and item use. Defender's DEF and EVA values include the hull's base value plus bonuses from equipped armors, skills, and item use. Attacked players will learn the name of the ship that attacked them, but not the player.
A player is eliminated from the game if his HP is brought to 0. If an attack target is eliminated, then all players who contributed to the attack on the day the target was felled take an equal share of a 2400 Gold bounty, whether their personal attack hit or not. However, if the eliminated player was taken out by the vote, inactivity, or the Bravian or Ashan fleets, the bounty is rendered invalid and no Gold is earned.
Explore: There are amazing things in the world to be found, and Discoveries may be reported to the Sailors' Guild in exchange for gold. Each day, there will be one new Discovery. All players who select the Explore action will be shuffled and drawn at random. The first person selected will have found the Discovery first and earn a bounty of 2400 Gold. The second person will earn 1200 Gold and the third person 600 Gold. Fourth place earns 300 Gold, and all remaining players to report their explorations will earn 200 Gold each.
Trade: Transporting goods between islands is a good way of earning a stable income. Whether doing so through established channels or earning cargo through underhanded means, you can expect to earn 400 Gold from this action no matter how many players select it.

Skills provide minor enhancements to player capabilities. At the start of the game and every two days afterwards, one skill may be learned or upgraded. Certain players may also start with a skill already learned. There are seven different skill lines, each with two levels:

captain1.png captain2.png Captain: Increases maximum HP of ships. (Base: +150 HP, Master: +300 HP)

gunner1.png gunner2.png Gunner: Increases attack. (Base: +5 ATK, Master: +10 ATK)

builder1.png builder2.png Builder: Increases defense. (Base: +3 DEF, Master: +6 DEF)

lookout1.png lookout2.png Lookout: Increases accuracy. (Base: +3 HIT, Master: +6 HIT)

helmsman1.png helmsman2.png Helmsman: Increases evasion. (Base: +3 EVA, Master: +6 EVA)

engineer1.png engineer2.png Engineer: Increases item effects. (Base: Item effect @ 120%, Master: Item effect @ 140%)

merchant1.png merchant2.png Merchant: Increases sell price, decreases buy price. (Base: Buy @ 95%, sell @ 55%; Master: Buy @ 90%, sell @ 60%)

With the exception of the Captain and Merchant skills, the effects of skills are not reflected in the page display, but will be accounted for at resolution. If you are able to learn or upgrade a skill, a green icon will appear in the lower right hand corner of the skill box. Click on it to open a dropdown listing the skills you may learn, then select a skill. You’ll be prompted to verify your selection.


The Sailors' Guild has powerful influence in the world, with the ability to mark a ship's captain as a danger to all and eliminate their presence in the sky with swiftness. A decision to ground a captain does not come lightly; support from many is necessary to declare a person as a threat worthy of being hunted by all. Vote for the player who you find most suspicious in bold red with "!vote for <player name>" or similar phrase. You may retract a vote by posting "!retract vote for <player name>" or similar phrase in bold limegreen or change your vote by making another one in bold red. Do not, under any circumstance, edit a post that has a vote. If an edit is necessary, make a new post instead. The player who receives the most votes will be marked by the Sailors' Guild and eliminated from the game. Should there be a tie in the vote, then only the first person to hit the tied value will be eliminated.

At the start of the game, voting will normally close each day at 9PM PDT / 12AM EDT / 4AM UTC; any actions before the hour (x:59) will count, any actions on the hour and later (x:00) will not. When Daylight Saving Time expires in the United States on Sunday, November 4, the vote close will shift to 9PM PST / 12AM EST / 5AM UTC.

Signing Up

Sign up with the phrase "I !sign up" or similar phrase in bold limegreen or other bright, easily visible color to ensure that your intent to play is acknowledged. Signups will be open for a minimum of 72 hours, closing at earliest on Monday, October 29, 8PM PDT / 11AM EDT / Tuesday, October 30, 3AM UTC. Depending on signup numbers and page testing progress, there may be a 24-hour extension to the signup period. There is no maximum cap for signups for this game.


It is expected that players do at least two of the following three things each day to be considered sufficiently active: make at least two posts, make a vote, submit private actions. A warning will be sent on the first day that this requirement is not met, and a replacement will be made on the second consecutive day of inactivity or third day overall. If there are no replacements available, then the player will be eliminated from the game.


Any questions about the general game rules may be made by highlighting the question in bold darkorange text. Answers will be posted in the thread and collected in the below section. Player-specific inquiries that are not addressed in the general rules may be asked via PM to the host.

Other Rules

Standard Phalla rules apply: no sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots or direct quotation. However, information may be shared indirectly, such as through rephrasing. You may not add new players to preexisting private conversations after the first message - start a new conversation instead. No anonymous contact is allowed. All messages must be traceable to a player in the game. Once you are eliminated, you may not make any more game conversation with players remaining in the game.

If any players create "proboards" for private communication or interesting conversations including more than two players, please send links for them to the host.

Questions and Answers

Q. What is the order of actions?
A. The vote and inactivity judgments are resolved first. Then, Item Uses are resolved, followed by Actions.

Q. How much money do we start out with?
A. On average, each player will start with 12,000 Gold and a Gallus Class Hull.

Q. If I change hulls, what happens to my HP?
A. Your HP will change so that the old HP:MaxHP ratio is maintained. For example, if you were at HP 800/1000 before switching to a hull with 1500 HP, you will end up at HP 1200/1500.

Q. When I use an item to restore my HP, can I 'overheal'?
A. Restoratives can temporarily increase your HP above its maximum value, but will be reduced to the maximum value if it remains above that point at the end of all resolution.

Q. How do the stat-boosting items work, in more detail?
A. Stat boosting items work multiplicatively, so a 10% boost on a stat of 50 results in the stat being increased to 55. Multiple items of the same sort add instead of multiply: two 10% boosts becomes a 20% boost instead of 21%. The Engineer skill is a multiplier on the item level: a 10% boost becomes a 12% boost at the basic level.

Q. Can I trade my items and money to other players?
A. No.

Q. Are there any advanced Phalla mechanics in play, including conversions, unreliable masons, unreliable seers, thralls, and vote manipulation?
A. No.

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