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RIFT: FREE TO PLAY RIGHT NOW. Never stop transferring



  • LanrutconLanrutcon The LabyrinthRegistered User regular
    So if I were to throw some cash at this, what would be the suggestion? The game pushes the pay aspect pretty heavily, but there's so much I don't know what to get.

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  • RanlinRanlin Oh gosh Registered User regular
    Any souls pack(s) that look interesting for whatever class(es) you enjoy.

    If you haven't already done the grinding to unlock stuff, one of the fancy editions of the new expansion might be a decent idea, since that unlocks earring slot, water planar items, a special bag slot, and the newest set of souls, I think?

  • GnomeTankGnomeTank What the what? Portland, OregonRegistered User regular
    Is the new Mage soul pretty good? Right now I'm leveling my Mage as a Harbinger/Chloromancer solo build.

    Sagroth wrote: »
    Oh c'mon FyreWulff, no one's gonna pay to visit Uranus.
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  • Apple PriceApple Price Registered User regular
    GnomeTank wrote: »
    Is the new Mage soul pretty good? Right now I'm leveling my Mage as a Harbinger/Chloromancer solo build.
    It's a tanking soul, so it'd only be a good fit if you enjoy tanking dungeons. As tanking goes, it's a comparatively fun soul, though.

  • PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    Huh, interesting. Was bored and was checking up to see what was new with Rift, and apparently it's getting a new calling in the next update, the Primalist.

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  • EnclaveofGnomesEnclaveofGnomes Registered User regular
    Came back after many years...very happy to see so much content, and more coming.

    Servers seem pretty full too, wherever I log on there's people. The story never drew me in, but the game play and souls system remains compelling.

  • SeñorAmorSeñorAmor !!! Registered User regular
    Any PAers still play this?

    On one hand, I really liked this game back in the day.

    On the other hand, I hate Trion with the fury of a thousand suns.

    I am torn.

  • RoeRoe Always to the East Registered User regular
    Looks like they launched a pay to play progression server on the 7th. A progression server sounds tempting.

    I wonder what the populations are on it.

  • RoeRoe Always to the East Registered User regular
    Signed up for patron yesterday and logged into the progression server. Started a bow/bard rogue and leveled him to 8.

    The game is a breath of fresh air in this stagnant MMO market. I know it's been played to death before, but starting over in a new server that's not free is something the game needs.

    The population is through the roof. I would recommend subscribing to anyone who's enjoyed this game before.

  • EriktheVikingGamerEriktheVikingGamer Registered User regular
    Holy crap haven't played Rift in 5ever. I might dl. Sounds interesting.

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  • RoeRoe Always to the East Registered User regular
    Leveled my mage up to level 18. The talent trees you have access to give this game a lift up over WoW's pick and choose.

    I'd recommend anyone to play Prime right now.

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