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Random computer freezes

I am at a loss as to what is causing this. I recently upgraded my Mobo and CPU to an Asrock Extreme 4 z77 and an intel 3770k i7, put on a coolermaster n520. This is not my first time by far building a PC or upgrading, this is pretty routine for me and nothing went wrong with the installs.

My problem is I get random freezes at times, there is no errors, no bsods, no error logs other than a log of the unexpected shut down. It seems to happen completely randomly, it isnt constant and only happens once every few days at most. I dont have to be doing anything specific, i can be listening to music, browsing the net, and it will just lock up forcing me to hard reset. Even in gaming I can game for hours with no issues. I AM overclocked moderately with the 3770k but only to 4.2ghz. I ran Prime95 and temps never went bout 75 after an hour. And no freezes. Ran MEMtest while i slept/went to work, came back roughly 14 hours later to zero errors, so it isnt that either....

I am at a loss as to what is causing this, its a recent re-install of windows as well, as i had to do that because of the upgrade of Mobo and CPU. It doesn't APPEAR to be a lemon CPU or mobo, as my tests havent caused any of the freezing.

Anyone else have any advice??

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