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PS2 Woes

DigDug2000DigDug2000 Registered User
edited March 2007 in Games and Technology
I bought a PS2lite about a year ago. About 3 months later, the thing started stuttering during DVD playback. Not little skips, but movies eventually just stopping about halfway through. I got kinda annoyed, but I have another (better) DVD player, so I just stopped watching movies in my bedroom. A few months later, games started doing the same thing though, and at that point I got really mad.

So I wrote to Sony. They suggested I run some sort of diagnostic mode in the system. I went and flipped the thing on in settings, although I was never really sure if it was running or not. I just turned it to on and then left the menu. Started a game and it ran through fine. Started a movie and it stuttered again. So I went and turned the diagnostic mode to on again, and then started the movie and it played fine. Rinse and repeat this process for awhile, till I finally just tucked the machine away out of annoyance.

So today I picked up a copy of R&C1 (LttP, eh?), brought it home and plugged it in. The game has frozen up on me twice in the first 5 minutes, bringing with it a resurgence of my rage for this machine.

So... does anyone understand this diagnostic stuff? Is this particular console just a piece of shit, or is there something else wrong. Before someone suggests it, the console sits on top of a desk with nothing on top of it and nothing around it. If its overheating, its not because of the environment. Its shit like this that really make me never want to buy a Sony product again.

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