Netgear N900 Wireless Router - Unable to See the 5ghz Network SSID?

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This is my first time with a dual band router. I bought this router from Newegg when it was on sale last week in order to have a 2.4 Ghz G connection for our older electronics (Kindles) and then the 5 Ghz N connection for our new laptops.

I set it up with the default settings which created two SSIDs, NETGEAR99 and NETGEAR995g (which were the defaulted names for either band).

I've got the Kindles up and running without issue, however, the newer Lenovo Ultrabooks don't see the 5 Ghz 'N' band as a separate SSID, just NETGEAR99 by itself. I've checked the router settings and it states that both are running without issue, so I was curious why the newer electronics are not picking up the newer 'N' band?

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