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Endless Highway - classic arcade spyhunter-style racer, available now on all iOS devices

TubeTube Registered User admin

Got a craving for the old school arcade "drmup"? (drive-em-ups? is that a thing??). If so then get on the Endless Highway and see how far you can get!

Grab it off of the iTunes App Store here:

Endless Highway

promo codes:
(Codes expire on Fri Dec 07 23:59:07 PST 2012)

or try the lite version for free here:

Endless Highway Lite


The Endless Highway is a retro inspired top down racer much like the original Spyhunter, except i wanted a buttload more traffic to navigate and I wanted the traffic to be randomly generated.

The game uses tilt to steer and touch to speed up and slow down. Driving close to other cars scores you points (the faster and closer, the more points you get). Pull off successive manoeuvres quick enough and you build up your combos. As you build your combos, power ups, pick ups and bonuses become available.

OMG feature list!
- iOS 6 and iphone 5 compatible
- GameCenter leader boards and achievements.
- post your scores to Facebook or twitter
- Play your own music from your iTunes library
- 3 available vehicles (more coming!)
- transitions from day to night to day

Its my first game ever so it may be a little rough around the edges, but i am continuously working on updates to improve it, most notably adding more unlockable vehicles and power ups. Any feedback would be appreciated!


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    JotsyJotsy Registered User new member
    edited November 2012
    I'm the developer, and this space is reserved for my updates!

    whoa, ok let me see if i can adjust the size of those images

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    NightslyrNightslyr Registered User regular
    Looks great, but as a disabled gamer it's completely inaccessible to me. Secondary touch/swipe controls would be awesome in a patch/future game.

    Anecdote: When I was in the 2nd grade back in the dark ages (*cough*1987*cough*), I went on a 'date' with one of the girls in my class. My mom brought us to the mall for pizza and the arcade. My game of choice? Spy Hunter.

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    JotsyJotsy Registered User new member
    full touch controls would be no problem (it actually was originally that way). i just need to balance the gameplay with the tilt controls.

    Drop by Pixel Pumpkin on Facebook to say hi or just like the page!

    My App store developer page: Pixel Pumpkin

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