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Hidee ho, all!

Intel Pentium T4200, 2.0 GHz, dual-core
Windows 7 Pro 64
Integrated Nvidia GPU, not sure which one specifically. I'm not home right now to check.

I recently started looking into Minecraft performance. My hardware isn't terrible and Minecraft doesn't even require a gig of RAM to run smoothly. But my single and multiplayer FPS is around 19 at best. After seeing this video about optimizing Minecraft performance, I got excited.

The guy in this video uses RAMDisk to create... a... RAM disk... dedicated to running Minecraft. He doesn't show his performance before this, but afterwards he is getting 50ish FPS in single player. Well, I followed his procedure and my FPS didn't change.

So I'm wondering where the bottleneck is and what I can do about it. What suggestions do you have for improving performance in Minecraft?

Edit: After looking at all the other threads in GT, my post looked out of place. Let's try HA.

Edit 2: Moe's Stupid Technology Tavern. Definitely Moe's Stupid Technology Tavern. Very sorry about being a clown and moving this thing all over!

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