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Happy National Pro [Wrestling] Day!

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So we're now on a new Wrestling thread, where we talk about WWE, TNA, RoH, and pretend to listen to wirehead's insane ramblings.

In honor of the new Wrestling Thread, I present to you: The Wirehead Hall of Fame!


Exhibiting the kind of "old man wrestling for way too long" that all wrestling fans enjoy, Flair is the embodiment of a guy that can't give up the dream. In a way, it's almost tragic. In another way, I really don't want to watch it on my television. Speaking of guys who are way past their primes....


We all love Foley. He was one of the more colorful characters of the Attitude Era, and one of the best promo men in history. 2012 Foley is none of these things. Foley can't wrestle anymore, and his promo ability has slipped. And yet, who doesn't love watching a borderline geriatric get piledriven over and over? Currently one of the few old-timers to have a constant presence on television. His name has also been thrown around as an initial opponent for our next inductee:


The former Jon Moxley, Dean Ambrose is known for a psychological style of wrestling that isn't seen that often anymore. He's also one of the few guys from the indies that can cut a promo, which is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, Ambrose has supposedly been ready to be called up for near-on a year at this point, which means he hasn't been on any WWE television for quite some time. Only time will tell if Ambrose makes as big an impact as our final inductee.





With all that said, wrestling is in an interesting position right now, where nothing is entertaining. CM Punk, who was our collective favorite person ever a year ago, has been reduced to making fun of Jerry Lawler for having a heart attack. John Cena is supposedly fighting for the WWE title still, and is also banging AJ? Big Show is your World Heavyweight Champion, and we're going to just leave that there because Smackdown has become a den of anguish and despair.

TNA is no better, as Jeff Hardy is your Heavyweight Champion in an attempt to get him to resign with the company. And the two biggest stars of the past few months, Austin Aries and Bully Ray, are now fighting because Bully Ray is supposedly banging Brooke Hogan. Yes you read that correctly.

So yeah, talk about wrestling here, unless Rankenphile decided to lock this thread as well.



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