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Arranger: a retro/musical/adventure/RPGs [iOS]

TubeTube Registered User admin
---a retro/musical/adventure/rpg

Available on iOS!

Developer site:

Listen to the game soundtrack:

Quick pitch:
Adventure (Atari 2600) + The Legend of Zelda + WarioWare = Arranger

More info:
Scour the land of "Musica" in search of 16 different musical instruments. "Arrange" music in over 5,000 possible mixes. Enter the listener's mind and blast your mixes into their glowing cortex! Find items/instruments and unlock new areas by playing dozens of unique and strange minigames.

Minigames Include:
Fashion Meltdown
Spice Invaders
Endless Jogging
Burger Blaster
Fleak Squisher
Bone Picker
Wordtree Catch
Zant Infestation
Oven Repair
The Bottomless Pit
Deptank Distractions
Dusty Discs
Slot Racer

... and many more

I'm the sole game dev ... here are some codes!


Video Preview:



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