Debating a career change to design or animation from IT

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Not sure if this is the right forum for this, or if I should be in H&A. If it should be the latter, if a Mod could move it or let me know I'll spin up a thread over there.

So I've been debating a change to a career doing something more creative than what I do now. I've been doing IT for about 10 years now and I have a BS in Computer Science with a focus towards software engineering and graphics (OpenGL). Lately I've been thinking that I would rather do something that has more of a direct impact on producing revenue for a company's bottom line as IT tends to be a support role and viewed as a money sink. I've spent several years supporting creatives for a major advertising firm and realized I loved working with them after having spent a few years supporting scientists/doctors/bankers/other IT staff.

My question is, since I'm not particularly good at drawing. What advice would you folks have for someone who wants to start trying their hand at design and animation? I've loved movies and have always wanted to get involved in some aspect of film making but have tended to straddle the line of a more stable paycheck with IT. Back in college I spent some time with some drafting software and enjoyed that immensely but didn't follow up with it since most of the jobs in my area at the time revolved around the auto industry and I didn't want to go that route. I don't think I'm incapable of refining my drawing skills, it's just that my brother went down that path and got his degree in Fine Arts while I went down the science and math trail.

Alternatively I've also thought about writing/copywriting as well but realize this probably isn't the right spot to discuss that thread.

Thanks in advance. Any advice anyone can give would be appreciated.


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    You have to filter this into the questions thread, or the chat thread. New threads in the AC need art in them.

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    Could a Mod, please lock or delete this thread as it looks like it's in the wrong place.


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