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QManager: A free Quidditch Manager browser game

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About QManager

Launching a Quidditch Manager browser game more than a year after the release of the last Harry Potter movie may seem like a crazy idea, but as I had the urge to play a comprehensive manager game with a Quidditch theme and didn't find any, I still went for it!

As a general sports fan, there were a million ideas in my head of what should be possible inside the game: Changing the line-up, playing around with strategies, even bribing the referee. Authenticity is something I have always been looking for.

I want QManager to be a casual game in which you would be able to be successful, have fun and socialize with others without having to spend a lot of time, if you don't want to. You register, create a team, set your line-up and are ready to play other teams. If you want to, you can go deeper: Determine the training routine for the day, trade players or figure out which sponsor would be the best for your team's needs.

The game is already up in a open beta state, but the current features are only a small part of what I envision to be the final product.

Game Features

Quidditch championship league system
In-depth match simulation and reports
Roster management
Team training settings
Player comparison
Player talks
Individual player statistics
In-game currency
Contract negotiations
Player trades
Random free agents
Stadium expansion
National teams
Team upgrades
Challenge-based exhibition matches

User forum
Facebook page

Constant increase of possible events during matches
Strategy management
User achievements
Roleplay options (Player stories etc.)
Training camps
Individual player training
Cup competitions

...and much more.

I am constantly adding features and tweaking the game, as the to-do-list never stops growing. You'll contribute to that, I'm sure!


Office screen

League screen

Match stats

Match report snippet

Snitch Race in the match report

Team screen

Thanks for your attention!

The QManager Team


  • CygnusQCygnusQ Registered User regular
    edited December 2012
    Update December 21st 2012:
    Beta Season 5 is now live, with these new features: team achievements, player injuries, league history and more balanced player evolution.
    Soon to come: Differentiated match strategies!
    Join the fun now!

    CygnusQ on
  • XaviarXaviar Registered User regular
    Have you seen games where the snitch didn't invalidate the entire rest of the match?

  • CygnusQCygnusQ Registered User regular
    Xaviar wrote: »
    Have you seen games where the snitch didn't invalidate the entire rest of the match?

    Definitely! In QManager the snitch is only worth 50 points, equal to 5 goals. This results in teams not being able to catch the snitch, if they have weaker Chasers and just focus on their Seeker. Also snitch appearance is more probable later in the game.

    The balance is kept by the necessity of having Chasers which are able to keep up with scoring, a keeper who's able to pull off some saves, beaters which impede the opponent's game from developing and finally the seeker who scoops the snitch before the opponent does.

  • CygnusQCygnusQ Registered User regular
    The next ten players to join QManager get to start off with the Tactics Board Upgrade (+3% Training Efficiency, +2% Match Performance)!

    Just append "PA" to your username, when registering (The "PA" will be removed once the upgrade has been granted)!


  • kaliyamakaliyama Left to find less-moderated fora Registered User regular
    I hope you guys paid your licensing fees or enjoy receiving cease and desist letters.

  • CygnusQCygnusQ Registered User regular
    Hi, we did our research and came to the conclusion that sports are not patentable, etc.

  • CygnusQCygnusQ Registered User regular
    Hey guys,

    A lot has happened since 2012 and Quidditch Manager is going into its 24th season today!

    We have added a new player negotiation system, tradelist auctions, player pictures, multiple team lineups, strategy management, user achievements, cup competitions, and much more!

    Make sure to join in order to compete for Club World Cup III this season!

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