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    BogeyBogey I'm back, baby! Santa Monica, CAModerator Mod Emeritus
    edited December 2012
    Ok, so I finally remembered to do this, Robert.

    And since I wasn't able to make it out to Comicon this year, I'm going to use this opportunity to again suggest First Party cufflinks and/or tie-pins. :)

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    Blake TBlake T Do you have enemies then? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.Registered User regular
    Guaranteed two sales Khoo. There's a successful business plan.

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    PeenPeen Registered User regular
    Three at least, I'd buy a tie-pin immediately.

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    SassoriSassori Registered User regular
    I'd start wearing ties so I could wear a tie-pin.

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    Robert KhooRobert Khoo Registered User, ClubPA staff
    OK OK

    Did you see our new voxels that hit today? They are awesome.

    Some guy.
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    TankHammerTankHammer Atlanta Ghostbuster Atlanta, GARegistered User regular
    I saw them!

    I don't really have a use for figurines but part of me kinda wants to shave the base off of them and turn them into keychains to hang off my backpack by attaching little eye-screws.

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    nevilleneville The Worst Gay (Seriously. The Worst!)Registered User regular
    OK OK

    Did you see our new voxels that hit today? They are awesome.

    Do they come with poetry?

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