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The [PHALLA] of Monkey Island (mini): PIRATE VICTORY

enlightenedbumenlightenedbum Registered User regular
edited December 2012 in Critical Failures
Somewhere, deep in the Caribbean...

Welcome to the Island of Mêlée! It's a lovely island, home to all kinds of nefarious pirates, circus performers, and blatant tourist traps. However, Mêlée Island has a problem. It's been targeted by the Dread Ghost Pirate LeChuck. It seems he's become infatuated with the Governor, Elaine Marley. Now no one can leave and prey upon the high seas. It's bad for business. On top of that, the Governor's new sheriff, Fester Shinetop, seems to be... harsh. Can the citizens of Mêlée find the traitors among them or will LeChuck triumph and marry Elaine?

Standard rules
No sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots and direct quotation, no anonymous communication, no communication with the dead without host consent.

Vote Close
Each day will end at midnight eastern. Any actions or votes submitted up until X:59 will count, whereas those taken on or after X:00 will not. Please do not submit any actions or votes for the following day until narration has been posted.

Each day, the denizens of Mêlée must nominate a player to be sprayed with root beer and keelhauled just to make sure. Each player may !vote for a player in Bold Red. Ties votes kill all such tied players. Ties are bad. Vote doesn't trickle.

Lucasarts doesn't appreciate Inactivity. You get one warning, then death or replacement.

Any player may create a proboard for any reason. However, all proboards must be linked to the host, who must have full access to all information on the board.

Trust is a valuable commodity in Phalla. If you want to add someone to a conversation, you must start a new conversation.
Include the host in all PM threads. Lucasarts must know all.

This game includes a special mechanic called Insult Swordfighting. Each night, any player may PM me a single target and an insult. The targeted player will have until the end of the following night (insult on Day 1 they'll get a PM with the insult as part of the Day 2 narration process and will have 24 hours to respond) to come up with a witty rejoinder to your insult. It must be in the same general area as the initial insult. For example, if the insult was "You fight like a dairy farmer" an appropriate response would be "How appropriate, you fight like a cow." Any insults/responses from the actual game are banned. For reference, here they are. If you lose three insult swordfights, you will be removed from the game. Sea based insults (Curse of Monkey Island) are an automatic loss, as we are on land here.

Judging of insults will be done by me and possibly by a select committee, outlined momentarily.

Sign up by posting such in Bold Lime below!

If you would not like to play but would like to judge insults/responses, sign up in Bold Purple below.

Notes on characters

There are no vanillagers and the mafia has been provided with cover roles. Unless stated otherwise your win condition is to eliminate all threats to piracy on Mêlée Island. Most characters are taken from The Secret of Monkey Island, however a few are from later games in the series.

Order of Operations

Vote first, then other stuff.


Request Clarifications in Bold Orange



Targets of your insults will be made aware of the player who insulted them.

Targeted players will receive a PM that looks something like "enlightenedbum challenges you to an insult swordfight, saying you fight like a dairy farmer."

People without a sword arm can respond to challenges and force their challenger to slink into the bushes out of shame due to the biting comments of the challenged.

Herbert Hoover got 40% of the vote in 1932. Friendly reminder.
Warren 2020
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