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[Horus Heresy]Game 4 - Imperial Victory!

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The skies of Earth are black with dust and ash. The land is split by gigantic fissures and its tectonic plates groan with stress. Mountain chains shiver; seas have evaporated to become barren deserts. Blood and ash rain from the darkening sky. Astropathic choirs sing evil portents and men go mad with fear.

The fleet of Horus hangs in orbit over the ravaged world. The defenders of Terra stand ready. Brother fights brother, and the universe hangs in the balance.

Horus Heresy is a two-player game. The Imperial player controls the forces loyal to the Emperor of Humanity, defending Holy Terra. The Traitor player controls the forces pledged to Warmaster Horus, who must defeat the Imperium in order to claim victory.

There are two areas of focus in the game: the strategic map and the main map board. Players issue orders and either carry them out immediately or place them facedown on the strategic map for later resolution. As players execute their orders, they place and move their units on the main map board.

Placing and executing orders affects the state of the initiative track, a central feature of the game. In addition to indicating which player has the initiative at any given time – that is, which player will act next – it also shows how many orders that player will be able to place and/or execute before initiative swings to his opponent.
Each player can win Horus Heresy in several ways.

The Traitor player can win by killing the Emperor. Alternately, the Traitor player can win by holding all four spaceports on the main map board, which gives him the means to flood Terra with unstoppable hordes of Chaos.

The Imperial player can win by killing Horus, severing the Traitor serpent’s venomous head. Like the Traitor player, he can also win by holding all four spaceports and denying his adversary an essential beachhead on Terra. But even inertia favors the Imperium, for legions of loyal Space Marines are currently traveling through the warp to relieve the siege. If the initiative track reaches its end, these forces arrive, and the Imperial player wins.

The spaceport control condition can only be met if an initiative marker has reached/passed the 'SP' space on the track.
Rules stuff:
They come in 5 colours and each has a base attached. The number of spikes on the base represent the rank (strength) of that unit.

Imperial Units (grey):
3 Adeptus Arbites - Rank 2
3 Adeptus Custodes - Rank 4
3 Adeptus Mechanicus - Rank 2
24 Imperial Army - Rank 1 (These can turn Traitor)
12 Imperial Tank Divisions - Rank 2 (These can turn Traitor)
3 Imperial Titans - Rank 4
4 Imperial Fists Space Marines - Rank 3
4 White Scars Space Marines - Rank 3
4 Blood Angels Space Marines - Rank 3

Chaos Units (Red for Khorne, Green for Nurgle, Blue for Tzeentch, Purple for Slaanesh):
2 of each Chaos Cultists - Rank 1
2 of each Chaos Warband - Rank 2
2 of each Chaos Thunderhawk Flight - Rank 2
1 of each Chaos Titan - Rank 4
2 of each Daemon Horde - Rank 3
4 Death Guard Chaos Space Marines - Rank 3
4 World Eaters Chaos Space Marines - Rank 3
4 Emperor's Children Chaos Space Marines - Rank 3
4 Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines - Rank 3

A unit is destroyed if the damage on it ever equals or exceeds its rank. Eliminated units are removed from the game except for Army, Tank Division and Imperial Titans, which go back into the Imperial stockpile.

Unit Movement:
Most units have a move of 2. Exceptions are Space Marines and Tanks (3 each) and Thunderhawks (5). When executing an order that says "move" you spend movement points. It costs 1 to move from area to area, unless crossing a crevasse (the lines of flaming lava on the map) which costs 2. Units can move through friendly and neutral areas.

Flying units (Thunderhawks) can move over crevasses for 1 point and can fly over enemy/contested areas, as you would expect.

Units with the Flying Transport ability (Thunderhawks again) can carry a payload of 2 units (its rank) while moving. These transported units can be taken from the any areas the Thunderhawk starts in or moves through, unless the area contains an activation marker. It can pick up and drop off multiple times during the flight as long as the in-flight payload never exceeds 2. Payload must be unloaded at the end of the flight.
Activation Markers:
These markers have 2 sides, normal and routed. Units may not be given orders if they are in an area with one of your markers. Note, unlike Runewars, you CAN activate an area more than once, but if there's already one of your markers there you do not add a new one. Effects that move units that do not originate from an order card ignore the marker restriction unless they say otherwise. Activation markers are normally removed during the Refresh phase. Routed activation markers are flipped to the normal side when removal time comes around.
Frequently Overlooked Rules:
  • Orders placed on the strategic map since the last change of initiative cannot be executed until after the next change of initiative.
  • A player only receives the strategic bonus listed on an order card if he executes that order from the strategic map (as opposed to from his hand).
  • Orders bearing the recycle symbol are placed in their owner’s reserve (rather than his discard pile) upon execution.
  • Heroes that do not begin the game on the main map board can be placed whenever their owner is entitled to place units.
  • Heroes and defense lasers do not count toward an area’s stacking limit, because they are not units.
  • It costs non-flying units an extra movement point to move across a crevasse.
  • At the beginning of battle, attacking units do not move into the target area; they remain in their origin areas. If no defending units remain when the battle is over, surviving attackers may move into the target area.
  • In battle, if all attacking units must cross crevasses the defender may receive the effects of fortification.
  • In battle, the attacker may only play a combination of combat and Hero combat cards up to the current iteration number (e.g., two cards in the second iteration). The defender is limited in the same way when resisting regular damage, but is not limited in this way when playing cards to counter the attacker’s special effect (assuming the special effect is one that can be countered).
  • The unit requirement listed on a combat card applies to that card’s special effect only. The presence of the required unit is not a requirement for inflicting that card’s regular damage, nor for using its shields.
  • In each iteration of combat, the active player may carry out up to one of the regular (i.e., not free) special effects on the cards he played, and any number (including none) of the free special effects on the cards he played.
  • When a Hero is eliminated from battle, friendly units in the same area are subject to routing.
  • Fortifications under attack from flying units are considered breached as long as those flying units remain engaged.
  • Movement and similar effects of event cards do not activate areas, nor do they respect prior activations (i.e., even units in activated areas can move as a result of event cards).
Pre-game Crap:
Event deck construction is done by Acts and is based on the scenario selected for the game. From the Events, 10 are used to create the Event deck; one for each event space on the Initiative Track. I'll list the Acts' events so you can plan for the possibilities.

Corruption: The Traitor has the opportunity to corrupt Imperial Army and Tank Divisions before the start of the game. This can be done a set number of times based on the selected scenario. For each corruption check, choose an Army or Tank on the main board and draw a bombardment card for it: Eagle = no; Chaos Star = Yes. If Yes the unit turns Traitor and is placed on a black base but left in the same area. Each corruption attempt must target a different unit. Cards drawn are discarded normally.

Bombardment: The Traitor opens the battle with an orbital bombardment. For each allowed bombardment, choose any unfortified area (e.g. not factories, fortresses or the palace) and declare 'reckless' or 'precise'. Draw a bombardment card and apply the results. The same area may be chosen multiple times.

Order cards: Starting order cards (they have a start symbol on them) are taken in hand, any special scenario fiddling is done, and any other orders are shuffled to create the order deck.

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    Battle! Wall of Text!
    Each battle is divided into a number of iterations. When an attack order begins a battle, its effect describes how many iterations will be fought before the battle ends. Unit coexistence battles have an eight iteration limit. In a given iteration, the active player is the one who stands to damage his opponent, while the passive player is attempting to resist being damaged. This is true no matter which player is the attacker and which is the defender. Recall that the roles of attacker and defender do not change in the course of a battle.

    The order being executed instructs the attacker to choose a target area, the one that is being attacked. A legal target area must include at least one enemy unit or Hero. The order being executed also informs the attacker about the number of origin areas from which he may attack. A “Firefight” order, for example, allows the attacker to attack the target area from one area only. An origin area must be adjacent to the target area (i.e., they must share a border) and must contain at least one of the attacker’s units. If the attacker has units in the target area, it becomes an origin area automatically, but does not count against the order’s limit on the number of origin areas that may be chosen.

    For battles begun by an attack order, once the attacker identifies the battle’s origin areas, he designates which units in the origin areas will engage in the battle. He also designates which Heroes in the origin areas will engage. He may engage units and Heroes freely from among those present in the origin areas, up to and including all of them. The advantage of engaging a particular unit or Hero is that doing so brings its capabilities to bear. The disadvantage is that engaged units and Heroes may be damaged or eliminated. All units and Heroes in the target area, whether belonging to the defender or attacker, become engaged automatically.

    For coexistence battles, the Traitor player is always the defender and the Imperial player is always the attacker. The area of coexistence is considered both the target area and the origin area in coexistence battles. All units and Heroes in the area count as engaged.
    Flying Units Joining Battle
    When a player with flying units executes an attack order and identifies a target area, his nearby flying units can immediately spend up to three movement points to move to a friendly or neutral area that is adjacent to the target area. The area they move to must then be legally identified as an origin area for the attack (and counts toward the quantity of origin areas that the attack order allows), and the flying units in question must then be engaged in the battle. The area to which the units move becomes activated. Flying units may not transport units when they join battle in this way. Flying units may not join a coexistence battle.
    Drawing Combat Cards
    To determine how many combat cards to draw at the start of battle, each player sums the combat ratings of his engaged units, divides that sum in half (rounding up), and draws that many cards. For example, a player attacking with two Chaos Space Marines units (rank III each) and one Traitor Army unit (rank I) draws four cards (III + III + I gives a sum of 7, which, divided in half, is 3½, which is rounded up to four cards). Some order cards allow players to draw extra cards above this sum.

    Each player who has at least one engaged Hero also draws two cards from his Hero combat deck and adds those cards to his combat card hand. (However, if all engaged Heroes on a player’s side are wounded, only one Hero combat card is drawn. Even though Hero combat cards have a different back than regular combat cards, they function just like regular combat cards in battle, save that they are discarded to a separate discard pile when used.

    Note that it is always obvious to a player’s opponent which card(s) in his hand were drawn from his Hero combat deck and which were drawn from his regular combat deck, since they have distinct backs. A player is entitled to choose or avoid cards of a given type with full knowledge of which is which when carrying out special effects such as that of the “Attrition” card, which allows a player to discard random cards from his opponent’s hand. Obviously, in a hand with mixed card backs, the selection is not entirely random.
    The defender chooses which player will be active and which will be passive in the first iteration. The roles then alternate.
    1) The active player plays cards or retreats: You can reveal a number of cards equal to the current iteration number. If it's not the first iteration you may retreat. You may also pass, which skips to step 6. If you have zero cards you must pass.
    2) The active player carries out special effects: From the combat cards played, choose one special effect to resolve. If it has a counter cost, the defender can discard combat cards with the appropriate number of shields to cancel the effect. The active player may then choose any number of free effects to resolve (those with a '+' are free.)
    3) The active player totals regular damage: Add up the strength of all the combat cards played by the attacker.
    4) The passive player resists regular damage: Discard cards for their shield value. Each shield reduces regular damage by 1.
    5) Acive player assigns damage: Any regular damage left is assigned to the passive player's units by the active player. If the passive player has no units remaining damage may be applied to engaged Heroes.
    6) Iteration is advanced and roles switch.
    You cannot retreat if your engaged units are in an area with a routed activation marker.

    If the defender retreats, he must choose one friendly or neutral area adjacent to the target area and move all of his engaged units, and any Heroes present, there. Exception: Only flying units may retreat across a crevasse. The destination area of the retreat is marked with one of the retreating player’s routed activation markers. (If that area already had an activation marker with its activated icon face-up, simply flip it over. If that area already had a routed activation marker, don’t add a new one.) If there is no adjacent friendly or neutral area, the defender may not retreat.

    If the attacker retreats, he does not move any units from their origin areas. All of those origin areas (i.e., those that contain units that were engaged when the retreat was announced) are marked with routed activation markers as described for the defender, above.

    In both cases, the battle ends immediately.
    If a unit is routed from an area with a routed activation marker, or if there are no legal areas to rout to, it is eliminated.
    End of Battle
    Battle ends when any of the following conditions occur:
    -All of one player’s engaged units and Heroes have retreated, been eliminated, or been otherwise removed from the battle (such as by being routed).
    -A new iteration would begin, but neither player has any combat cards or Hero combat cards remaining.
    -The number of iterations specified on an attack order have been exhausted, or a coexistence battle exhausts eight iterations.

    Any of these conditions end a battle immediately; any remaining steps or effects of the battle (save those described below), even in the current iteration, are not applied. For example, if all of a passive player’s units rout due to special effects, regular damage is not applied, because the battle ends before that step.

    If battle ends and no defending units remain in the target area, the attacker may move all, some, or none of his surviving engaged units and Heroes into the target area. Otherwise, surviving engaged units and Heroes simply remain in their respective origin or target area.

    When a battle ends, any unused combat cards and Hero combat cards are discarded. Finally, remember to discard (or recycle) any attack order that initiated the battle.
    Heroes - A Hero alone in an area is unsupported and does not make an area friendly or enemy. If an unsupported Hero is in an area with enemy units during a change of initiative a coexistence battle DOES take place, however.

    Fortifications - Reduce regular damage and orbital bombardment damage to the defender by 2. No effect in coexistence battles since both forces are inside. An exception is Rogal Dorn's special power. Each border segment of a fortified area can be breached, or unbreached, independently of the other borders (fort markers are simply removed if they become breached). The defender only reduces damage by 1 if any of the attackers are coming through a breach (or if there is a breach at all when bombarded) OR if a Thunderhawk Flight is engaged in the attack. If ALL attackers are attacking across a crevasse, the defender gains the benefits of a fortification.

    -If Orbital, choose an area and declare reckless (more damage, but more likely to miss entirely) or precise. Damage caused is assigned by the bombardier and must be assigned in its entirety, including on friendly units. This damage may not be assigned to Heroes. If a breach is also caused, it is applied first thus affecting the damage absorbed by a fortification.
    -If Thunderhawk, draw a card and apply the damage listed, if any, as above. Note that this is damage from a 'special effect' and is not 'regular damage' so shields on combat cards cannot absorb it and fortifications do not reduce it.

    Defense Lasers - When the Traitor executes a Drop Pod or Port Landing order he identifies the area for the landing, which troops will land, then the Imperial player(s) determine how many defense lasers (they're pieces on the board) are in or adjacent to the landing area. For each inbound unit, draw a bombardment card and reference the defense laser result. A 'hit' eliminates the unit. Heroes cannot be targeted (they are not units.) Defense Lasers are destroyed when the area they are in becomes friendly to the Traitor.

    Hero Reference:
    Emperor (EM)– Immediately after drawing combat cards at the start of battle, you may discard any number of combat cards from your hand to draw the same number of replacements. (Not Hero cards.)
    Sanguinius (SN)– Add the number of Blood Angels in the same area as Sanguinius to the quantity of regular damage you inflict in each iteration of combat where you inflict regular damage (max: 2 additional dmg.)
    Rogal Dorn (RD)– When supported by at least 1 unit of Imperial Fists in a battle whose target area is an unbreached fortification, all units with Dorn count as being 1 rank higher than their regular value (max: 4) for this battle.
    Jaghatai Khan (JK)– When an Imperial attack order is executed and a target area identified, Khan and any White Scars in his area can move adjacent to the target area from up to 3 areas away and engage in the battle (follow same rules flying units do when they engage from a distance.)
    Fabricator General (Fb)– If this Hero is attacked in an area that is already fortified, remove 1 breach token (if any) from the area's fortifications at the start of the battle. If this Hero is attacked in an area that is not fortified, add a fort marker to the area at the start of the battle. The marker persists.

    Horus (HR)- Immediately after drawing combat cards at the start of battle, you may discard any number of combat cards from your hand to draw the same number of replacements. (Not Hero cards.)
    Magnus the Red (MR)– When attacking and supported by Thousand Sons at the start of a battle, declare reckless or precise. Then draw 2 bombardment cards and apply 1 of them (your choice) to the target area.
    Mortarion (MT)– When supported by Death Guard, Imperial units engaged against Mortarion in battle have their combat rating reduced by 1 (min: 1). This effect applies first, if other effects also affect those unit's rank. This effect can immediately eliminate units, if their dmg equals or exceeds their new rank.
    Angron (AG)– When attacking and supported by World Eaters, before you draw combat cards at the start of battle, look at the top 4 cards of your combat deck. Place each card on the top or bottom of the deck in any order.
    Fulgrim (FG)– When Fulgrim enters battle (att/def) supported by Emperor's Children, draw 1 bombardment card for each Imperial Army and Tank Division opposing him. On each Chaos Star result, that unit turns Traitor and moves to Fulgrim's area.
    Round Reference:
    1. Action Step: Current player resolves an action.
    - Place an Order (1 point): Place an order from hand facedown on the strategic map.
    - Execute Order from Strategic Map (1 point): Execute an order from the top of a strategic map stack.
    - Execute Order from Hand (0–3 points): Execute an order from hand.
    - Bury an Order (1 point): Moves a stack’s top card to the bottom of the same stack.
    - Draw an Order (1 point): Draw an order from reserve or order deck.
    2. Advance Initiative Marker Step: Current player’s initiative marker is advanced on initiative track.
    3. Change of Initiative Step (if necessary): If current player’s initiative marker passed opponent’s marker, coexistence battles are fought and stacking limits enforced. Note that even if a change in initiative takes place the "current player" does not change until the start of a new action step.
    - Coexistence battles and stacking limits:
    Carried out in any area where both Traitor and Imperial units exist. The battle lasts for 8 iterations. If there are multiple areas of coexistence, the Imperial player chooses the order of resolution.

    When stacking limits are checked, all fortified areas, including the command deck of the Vengeful Spirit, can hold 3 units. Other areas hold 6.
    4. Resolve Special Phases Step (if necessary): If current player’s initiative marker passed or landed on special phase icons, each is resolved in the order passed.
    - Event Phase: Current player draws the top event card and carries out its instructions.
    - Draw Orders Phase: Starting with current player, each player (a) discards any or all orders from his hand, (b) moves any or all orders from his reserve to his hand as long as he does not exceed six cards in hand, and (c) draws new orders up to a six-card hand. (Recyclable orders go into the reserve when executed which is faceup and public knowledge. Other orders may find their way into the reserve as well.)
    - Refresh Phase: The players remove activation markers showing an activation icon and then flip all routed activation markers.
    The idea is to have each "player" consist of a group of players collectively controlling the action. This will give as many people possible exposure to the game. Especially those on the fence about whether or not to buy it.

    Also, there will be one house rule for this game: Players CAN retreat from co-existence battles.

    If the folks that sign up are mostly new players, we will play the starting scenario. If we get mostly people that have played the game before, then we will try one of the later scenarios that throw in a few tricks. I'd like teams of 2 per each side, possibly with a mentor for each side if we have enough interest.

    Forces of the Imperium:
    Dongs Galore

    Forces of the Warmaster:

    Here's the main map:

    Vengeful Spirit Command Center: Horus, 2 Slaanesh Daemon Hordes, 1 unit of Emperor's Children
    Vengeful Spirit Catacombs: 2 Slaanesh Warbands, Tzeentch Warband, Nurgle Daemon

    Defense Lasers are at a, b, g, [strike]Tower of Shadows[/strike], Fortress of Truth, The Black Ministry

    The Emperor - d
    Sanguinius - f
    Rogal Dorn - a
    Jaghatai Khan - Librarius Technologicus
    Fabricator General - Primus

    Horus - Vengeful Spirit Command Center
    Angron - Space Port Primus
    Mortarion - Eternity Wall Space Port
    Fulgrim - 18
    Magnus - Space Port Damocles

    Here's the strategic map:

    Here's the initiative track:

    Thanks to Mordenthral for the write up.

    Farangu on
  • CerberusCerberus Registered User regular
    Hell yes, I am literally on the fence about buying this and have read the previous games on here.
    I would love to sign up if I could team with an experianced player!

  • calibercaliber Registered User regular
    I've always been interested in playing/buying this behemoth of a game but the price point is a little high for going in blind. So consider me signed up but with no experience. :)

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    Alrighty. Do either of you have a side preference?

  • CerberusCerberus Registered User regular
    I am a firm follower of the Changer of Ways so yes...

    (However I am happy to just learn, if that means playing defence, then I am also totally cool with that)

  • calibercaliber Registered User regular
    No preference. Been a while since I looked at the rules anyhow so I don't remember the differences anyhow.

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    Ok then. We'll see if anybody else wants to join up, because then some possible downtime won't outright kill the game.

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    In the meantime, if you guys could send me your gmail names, I'll share with you your spreadsheet that contains all your side-specific info.

  • CerberusCerberus Registered User regular

  • CerberusCerberus Registered User regular
    Farangu wrote: »
    Ok then. We'll see if anybody else wants to join up, because then some possible downtime won't outright kill the game.

    Didn't @blahmcblah express an interest in this?

  • Dongs GaloreDongs Galore Registered User regular
    I'd love to Sign Up!, although my only experience with this game comes from reading that the rules manual (the one with the Dark Angels on the over) that came with my brother's old cardboard version of the game when I was 8

    if there's a more experienced candidate you'd sooner have that's totally fine

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    I welcome all comers.

    Preference of Imperium or Warmaster, Dongs?

  • Dongs GaloreDongs Galore Registered User regular
    Imperium, but I'm happy either way

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    Ok, just send me your gmail name and I'll get you on the spreadsheet. Now we just wait for one more player, and possibly some advisors if we have experienced players that want to sign up.

  • SeGaTaiSeGaTai Registered User regular
    I'll probably be following this so I can advise if a team wants it

    PSN SeGaTai
  • CerberusCerberus Registered User regular
    I'd appreciate the help.

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    I'll continue to take signups until Monday, and then we shall start proper. Judging from the current registrants, we will be playing the introductory scenario.

  • stever777stever777 AFK most Saturdays Registered User regular
    sign up with no idea what I'm doing.

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  • CerberusCerberus Registered User regular
    stever777 wrote: »
    sign up with no idea what I'm doing.

    Be the traitor with me stever, go on!!!!!

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    edited December 2012
    And that's our fourth player. Going to see if another advisor steps out of the woodwork, if not we will start on Monday. Definitely doing starting scenario. Stever and Dongs, please pm me your gmail names and you will get access to your spreadsheets. If, after looking at them, anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

    Edit: also if anyone has any questions about the rules this would also be a good time to ask.

    Farangu on
  • stever777stever777 AFK most Saturdays Registered User regular
    Cerberus wrote: »
    Be the traitor with me stever, go on!!!!!

    Always like the baddies!

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  • CerberusCerberus Registered User regular
    I don't really get activation markers?
    I understand that they are put down and used to mark certain things such as routed, but is that it? Does it mean you can only activate an area once per sequence or what?
    Most of the other stuff makes sense, though not knowing what the map looks like makes it hard to grasp some stuff... how is map etc going to work?

    Hmm, can't see anywhere that I thanked you for running this. So thanks, I imagine it is a heavy one to run, I appreciate the efforts. Good timing too, been thinking of getting it after Christmas!

  • SeGaTaiSeGaTai Registered User regular
    Game 3 can be found here, gives you an idea of what the map will look like and an idea for order submissions as well.

    Activation markers are summed up under the rules stuff, activation markers spoiler. It basically limits each unit to one activation per refresh phase barring special actions that don't place or remove activation markers.

    PSN SeGaTai
  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    Thanks for the assist, segatai.

    The map will be going up later tonight, unfortunately; I have a busy day in front of me and most of it is away from the computer.

    Since we have only one volunteer for advisory roles, @SeGaTai, would you like to be an impartial advisor? Also players, would you approve of this

  • calibercaliber Registered User regular
    I advise all Traitor legions to surrender and renounce their allegiance to Chaos immediately. The Emperor protects, even those who have turned their backs against Him. A swift and mostly painless death is assured to those who repent their heresy!

  • stever777stever777 AFK most Saturdays Registered User regular
    edited December 2012
    Sounds good to me!

    E - Umm, the Seg thingy, not caliber's unreasonable request.

    stever777 on
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  • CerberusCerberus Registered User regular
    I'm happy with segatai helping both sides.

  • SeGaTaiSeGaTai Registered User regular
    Sounds good, Either side can PM me with strategy/rules questions and I'll try and help out where I can without divulging any information to the other side. Probably shouldn't send me details about your entire hand or anything to make it a little easier on trying to be impartial.

    PSN SeGaTai
  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    Ok, apologies for the delay. Let's get this going. All the maps are in the 2nd post, and all players have access to their spreadsheets.

    First step is for the Chaos team. Before the game begins in earnest, some of the Imperium's soldiers take a look at what is arrayed against them and decide that Chaos is the winning team. The Chaos team picks 12 units, either Army Units or Tank units. You cannot select anything else, and you cannot jeopardize an Army or Tank unit more than once.

    So Chaos, please pick 12 units to try and corrupt. Once your list is here, I will reply with all of the conversion cardresults.

  • MrBodyMrBody Registered User regular
    I request to play the SIsters of Battle.

    Unfortunately we're all busy having hot nun on nun action at our monasteries to take part in this fight.

  • stever777stever777 AFK most Saturdays Registered User regular
    2 tanks in Sector 14
    2 tanks in Sector 29
    3 armies & 1 tank in Lion's Gate
    3 armies & 1 tank in Damocles

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  • Dongs GaloreDongs Galore Registered User regular
    MrBody wrote: »
    I request to play the SIsters of Battle.

    Unfortunately we're all busy having hot nun on nun action at our monasteries to take part in this fight.

    ahem excuse me but the Adeptas Sororitas weren't founded until the thirty-sixth millennium

    *pushes glasses up, snorts*

  • calibercaliber Registered User regular
    Could you post a key for the hero icons on the map? I can't quite make out who is supposed to be who, even when I zoom in.

    <- W40K shamed :oops:

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    Both Tanks in 14 turn
    1 Tank in 29 turns
    2 armies and 1 tank turn in Lion's Gate
    1 army and 1 tank turn in Damocles

    I will update the map to reflect these in a bit. Also there is a list of heroes underneath the map and their location.

    Next the Chaos team makes some Orbital Bombardments for good measure. The team picks 4 areas that are not fortified or the palace. Nominate whether your bombardment will be reckless or precise. I will then make the draws.

  • SeGaTaiSeGaTai Registered User regular
    Will remind chaos that the 4 bombardments can target the same region unlike the loyalty check earlier. So you can await the results of each draw before choosing the next one.

    PSN SeGaTai
  • calibercaliber Registered User regular
    Doh, so there are! I was only looking at the zoomed in image and didn't realize there was more info in the spoiler block it was sitting in. My bad. :oops:

  • stever777stever777 AFK most Saturdays Registered User regular
    Orbital Bombardments -
    Damocles (precise) and 11 (reckless) and then see after that.

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    The Black Hole of Cygnus X-1
  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    Damocles suffers no damage from the bombardment.
    Area 11 suffers no damage from the bombardment.

  • CerberusCerberus Registered User regular
    edited December 2012
    Do Damocles again please

    Cerberus on
  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    Reckless or precise?

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