Is this going to work - power supply and hard drive, but no mobo ?

I'm away from home and need to get a big directory off of an internal sata drive, and someone "borrowed" my HDD docking cradle. I do have an eSATA-to-SATA cable though, and a desktop with a trashed motherboard. If I pull the power supply out of the desktop, and plug the drive into it, is it going to work if I plug it into the eSATA port on my laptop?


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    proyebatproyebat GARY WAS HERE ASH IS A LOSERRegistered User regular
    It's "safer" to keep the power supply connected to the junk mobo and use the power button on the case to turn on the power. The alternative is to use a bent staple or tweezers to short out two specific pins on the wide 24-pin cable that runs to the junk mobo to trick the power supply, and that's not really safe.

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