Notification to Nowhere

Just got a notification that I've been added to a conversation (screencap)

Clicking on the notification takes me into a loop of this (screencap)

Accessed from the All Notifications page it's a loop of the notifications page (screencap, note lower left address of hover over "conversation")


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    skeldareskeldare Gresham, ORRegistered User regular
    Did you check your inbox?

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    UsagiUsagi Nah Registered User regular
    Yep, nothing new there

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    premiumpremium Registered User regular
    Not sure if this is resolved yet, but sometimes when you get added to a conversation it puts it at the wrong end of your inbox.
    Sounds like this could be the same thing.

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    Local H JayLocal H Jay Registered User regular
    notification to nowhere sounds like an emo song about breaking up on facebook

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