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Telepath Tactics – Tactical RPGs Return to PC, Mac, and Linux!

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
edited December 2012 in Indie Games
Hello PA World!

I'm Joe Lieberman and for the last 10 years I have had the pleasure of working with some of the top indies in the world as their PR Guy (OK, we're all evil, but I'm LESS evil than most). My clients include classic names like Spiderweb Software (Avernum, Avadon, Exile) and newcomers like Muse Games (Guns of Icarus Online).

Today I've got a new find and a new client- Sinister Design's Telepath Tactics, which launched on Greenlight and Kickstarter this week.

In short the game is a solo campaign, online multiplayer, or hot-seat multiplayer Tactical RPG in which you not only have to deal with classic tactical RPG elements like abilities, leveling, and facing, but can destroy terrain, build structures, and generally use the landscape as a weapon (or shield) against your foes. Cherry on top: A full editor, everything from entire campaigns to new units and abilities is included.

We'd love for you to stop by, upvote on Greenlight, and pick up the game for as cheap as 10 dollars on Kickstarter.


Not sure it's for you? Enjoy this EARLY alpha demo of what the game will be like:

And now... the pictures :)

Thanks for your support from Sinister Designs and Indie Developers everywhere! We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the game, indie development, or (if you want to talk to me) indie game marketing!
Joe L

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This forum has taken everything from me
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  • VGSmartVGSmart Oregon, USARegistered User
    I'm the dev, and this space is reserved for my updates!

  • MoxMox Registered User regular
    Solid tactics gameplay. I couldn't help but notice the lack of disgaea-style move abuse. Probably for the best in the long run.

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