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The Splendiferous, Wongystical and otherwise excellent DOODLE THREAD.



  • KochikensKochikens Registered User regular
    The headpiece is amaaazzinngg

    Loving your painting work
    Bring me one please

    Something seems off with the colours youve chosen for her face though? I cant really place ot, its just somehow less successful than the rest of the painting

  • tynictynic PICNIC BADASS Registered User, ClubPA regular
    it's actually a combination of the lighting on the photo, and me throwing up a very light green overlay in PS (to see what it would look like). I liked the way it made the reds down the bottom pop so I left it there even though it washed out the face tones a bit; i couldn't be bothered fixing it up more because i'd rather spend the time on the painting itself.

  • BerkBerk THE BUDGIE SMUGGLER Registered User regular

    Metzger Meistervalhalla130tyniccrwthCaulk Bite 6VeldringodmodeASimPerson
  • DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator mod
    Is that Huginn or Muninn?

    Star Wars sketches:


    valhalla130tynicCaulk Bite 6HeadCreepsgodmode
  • valhalla130valhalla130 13 Dark Shield Perceives the GodsRegistered User regular

    Are you painting those on a computer or with actual brushes and oils?

  • tynictynic PICNIC BADASS Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited January 2014
    brushes and acrylic, actually. Most of my work the last few years has been digital, and I was feeling frustrated and uncreative, so this last month I've spent trying to learn to actually paint. I'm finding it very relaxing.

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  • AvrahamAvraham Registered User regular



    :bz: :bz: :bzz:
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