Looking for a good girly gamer keyboard. Does such a thing exist anymore?

nukkyakyanukkyakya Registered User new member
I desperately need a new keyboard but if I shell out $75-100 or more for a good keyboard I don't want a "guy's" keyboard. I'm looking for wired because I don't need wireless or bluetooth and I HATE running out of batteries all the time... I'm also looking for something backlit with either pink or purple. I used to have one that let you switch colors between blue red and purple but my cat puked on it and ruined it... (so much for them being washable! yeah right! someone told me I could put a keyboard in the dishwasher but this was ruined with the barf before I cleaned it...) If I can't find girly backlights I'd be happy with something cosmetic on the keyboard itself. Has anyone found something like this? they discontinued the keyboard I had before even though I LOVED it... so I need something else I guess. :( Help a girl gamer out?


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    StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    I'll have you know that my magenta keyboard is the height of masculinity.

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