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kbzstudioskbzstudios Registered User regular
Hello everyone, I wanted to post this to collect some thoughts on the animation. I tried to clean things up a bit in this animation and I think that the (mostly) uniform color scheme of Portal really helped me render more believable, consistent backgrounds. Thoughts? Feel free to throw out feedback/ideas.

Check out my lego stop motions for Machinima!


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Really cool dude. I think the background being mostly also legos helped a lot here. The contrast is kind of washed out? I feel like you could fix that in post. It would be cool to see you play with lighting though, especially for valve games where it can be pretty dramatic.

  • Cr33gCr33g AustraliaRegistered User regular
    That was really cool! Very impressive. :)

    I agree with Iruka, it was good that you used mostly lego for the backgrounds.

    I also agree that the colours and contrast seemed a bit washed. I think it would look a lot better if the colours were brighter and more colourful. This could be achieved in post production for sure, especially if you're using software such as Premiere, After Effects or Photoshop for your images.

    I noticed that when the 'blue' robot goes on that orange stuff to slide, you use special effects there (the lens flare) as he suddenly warps out. Maybe more special effects could be used too? For example, why not create some glow and possibly animated effects for the portals? Maybe add some motion blur to the images when characters or objects are moving quickly (such as the robot sliding on the orange stuff), or maybe semi-more realistic muzzle flashes from the gunfire instead of those red paper circles? All these could be achieved in Photoshop if you have the software, but I'm sure it could be achieved in GIMP as well, which is free.

    Still man that's an awesome video... well done and good luck with the film festival. You should post part two when it's complete. :)

  • kbzstudioskbzstudios Registered User regular
    The lighting can definitely be an issue. Right now, creating these videos in my room it's tough to create the kind of studio lighting conditions that I would like.

    The coloring is tricky because I've found that when I increase the brightness and coloring of the animations the LEGOs tend to get quite reflective, leading to glare all over the image. I've struggled to find a happy medium so far.

    The intent with the paper muzzle flashes is to create something very kid friendly that is still clearly indicative of gunfire. My intention is to have it be cartoonish rather than realistic but I'm sure I could accomplish something similar in post with a bit more consistency.

    Thanks a ton for your input guys. Feel free to share the video with friends, I'd really appreciate it.

    Check out my lego stop motions for Machinima!
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