Art thread with a clever title!

Cowboy CentaurCowboy Centaur Bullet SpongeWeston, MoRegistered User new member
hey guys, I would sure appreciate any crits you could give,

trying to get better at vehicles, designing thems not my strong suit

poster for a cousin's band

Monster Mash-up

Rogue expressing her opinion of a certain "secret society"

Minotaur design

Fantasy map i came up with for a christmas art swap
higher res version can be seen HERE

thanks for checking them out!


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    Cowboy CentaurCowboy Centaur Bullet Sponge Weston, MoRegistered User new member
    here's a Princess Mononoke I did for a christmas art swap,

    any critiques or comments would be appreicated, :)


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    MuddyParasolMuddyParasol Registered User regular
    I love that so much!

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    HalenHalen Registered User regular
    I think the composition is excellent, but it took me a while to actually find the focus of the picture. The focal point should be mononoke, but your eye is naturally drawn to the strong black lines in the background. It's a nice way to do the treeline but the high contrast draws away from where the eye should be led.

    Draw an egg.
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    Cowboy CentaurCowboy Centaur Bullet Sponge Weston, MoRegistered User new member
    thank you Halen, I typically either go with a rule of thirds or a golden ratio for my compositions, and used the ratio on this one in particular. the focal point is actually the little white guy who's breaking the fourth wall, but I wanted Mononoke in there as well.

    I see what you mean about the treeline, it really does jump out doesn't it? I suppose I ought to have gone with something much lighter, like some 30% zipatone or something. I may redo it in GIMP. im not quite happy with the leaves on the tree either, I really struggle with that kind of thing.

    thank you for checking it out man, and thank you as well MuddyParasol for your kind words.

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    SeraphSwordSeraphSword Sketch Fetishist Austin, TXRegistered User regular
    edited January 2013
    I think that the Mononoke image seems a bit too bright and uniform in tone overall. That may be a product of scanning it in, but I think using a bit more tonal variation could help focus where you want the viewer to look, without having to make substantive changes to the image itself.

    I hope you don't mind, but I did a quick 5 minute paintover to show what I mean:

    Anyway, I like the ambition and time you obviously put into your work. Good luck and keep at it.

    SeraphSword on
    Mastery is the result of ceaseless error, combined with ruthless self-appraisal.
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    Cowboy CentaurCowboy Centaur Bullet Sponge Weston, MoRegistered User new member
    wow, that does help quite a bit, unfortunately I dont have the original anymore, but thank you man! I will definitly keep it in mind for future stuff!

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