Tablet help/recommendations?

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Ahoy, artists!

If this is a horrible spot for this thread, I apologize in advance.

I'm shopping around for a drawing tablet for a budding young artist in my family this year. I'm hoping to find a recommendation for a modestly priced tablet (is <$100 hilariously unrealistic? $150?) that ideally would work with both a macbook and windows machines. Lots of functionality would obviously be ideal but I'm certain it comes at a price and probably takes a back seat to ease of use. Is buying second hand retarded? These objects' purpose is to be handled and poked with pokey instruments, do they take a lot of wear and tear?

So, to summarize, the things I'm hoping to find, in order of priority:

Easy for a teenager to use
Modestly affordable
Good functionality/features
Compatible with mac & windows

Can you all help me help her do arting?


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