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Full Bore- An Underground Puzzle-Adventure - Long Demo [PC]

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In Full Bore, the player controls a young boar who digs, climbs and pushes his way through an open 2D world made up of blocks with different behaviors. Understanding how these blocks interact with the environment is key to solving puzzles, collecting treasure, and uncovering the history of the land.


Frederick is a little boar who spends his days frolicking in fields of flowers - until the day he takes one wrong step and falls down into a mine shaft belonging to the ailing Full Bore Mining Company. They want Frederick to pay for the damage he's done. What's a little boar to do? Dig, of course!


Working off his debt should be miserable, but Frederick soon realizes digging is the best thing ever. There's nothing that compares to the thrill of excavating new mine shafts in search of gemstones and ancient machines.


Bad news for happy little Frederick, though - Full Bore Mining Company's finances are in even worse shape than their old mine shoring. Help Frederick find all the treasure he needs to keep his new-found employer from going bankrupt.

The Demo

Does this sound interesting to you? You can visit our website right now to download the free demo! This is a long (2~4+ hour) demo not unlike the shareware demos of yesteryear. Don't be afraid to play the demo to completion- the game is not done yet, so there will almost certainly be many changes between now and our release in a few months. If you don't have the time to play the demo right now, you can watch our teaser trailer below or listen to some tracks off our amazing glitch/blues soundtrack.

Wait, so who is making this game?

Full Bore is the first game of new indie games studio Whole Hog Games, located in Santa Clara, CA. We are a Designer-Programmer-Artist combo who reunited to make video games after going our separate ways years ago. Our artist, Finn and designer Jake are both new to the industry, but our programmer Casey mastered his craft at legendary developers ARC System Works, where he worked on Hard Corps: Uprising and a fighting/action game based on the Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan manga. You can read more about us in this article about us on the Nerdophiles blog.

Beta early-access

If there's any interest, we'd like to offer the PA Forums community some pre-release codes as well. These codes would give you ongoing access to the development version of the game, which has the level editor and other tools enabled, and we'd send you an invite to the private beta forums, so you could share you ideas and feedback with us and other beta users. We're not sure how many of these codes we want to give out yet, so please tell us if this is something you want.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy our game!



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    Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting our thread!
    For those of you interested in the nitty-gritty of game development, we have posted a development retrospective:

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  • SilverwispSilverwisp Registered User regular
    This game is great!! The demo is the perfect length and longer than many others I've tried. I beat it and helped their kickstarter! These guys deserve your support!! :)

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