After a fresh W8 install, can't use windows 4/5 buttons on my Razer to go back/forward

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I think the forum post says it all. New install of Win8, and the buttons mapped to "Windows Button 4" and "Windows Button 5" for my Lachesis don't let me go forward/back any more in internet browsers or explorer. This worked in a prior install of Win8. Googling has failed to produce any answers. Any insight would be helpful - control panel's mouse option doesn't seem to let me bind keys there, and there's no "back" or "forward" binding options in the lachesis software.



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    Razer's been kinda derpy lately. Are you on their synapse 2.0 software? I had some issuse with the default profile, I had to delete it and make a named profile to get my blackwidow to work right. You shouldn't need to bing the mouse buttons to back/forward, they should be set to 4 and 5.

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