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Topia Online

TubeTube Registered User admin
Topia Online is an exciting new sandbox MMORPG where the players have free reign over the game world. We're designing an MMORPG that simulates a realistic ecosystem. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to create an online game where you could truly 'do anything'. In order to accomplish that, we have built a powerful set of tools that the players themselves can use to expand the game world and it's features.

Our aim is to provides endless creative possibilities for players of all backgrounds. Our development team is using the same tools that the players will be using to build the game world. The tools will allow players with little to no technical experience to create their own cities, dungeons, trade routes, bandit camps, and so forth. However, players will not be able to just create things from thin air. They will have to gather resources from the land, hire workers, and defend their homes in order to accomplish their goals.

Topia Online is powered by a game engine that can process many thousands of scripts per second. Every creature in the game world will have their own agenda and personality. But how is this possible? It's possible because every creature in the game is 'owned and operated' by a player. There are no 'NPCs', except the ones that players create and program themselves. Although each player has a 'main character' like any other MMORPG, you can also control dozens of other characters that are 'always present' in the game world.

Our team is built from a core group of friends that have been in the IT industry for many years. We're experienced software developers, designers, and artists. We have the technical skills and drive to follow through with our commitments to deliver an amazing game for the world to enjoy.

Here are some screenshots of the latest build:

Here is our promotional video:

Although the game is not live yet, we have playable sandbox demos available on our site:
Just click 'Sandbox' to start. Check back each week for new sandboxes and features.


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    joshrmtjoshrmt Software Developer Registered User new member
    I'm the developer, and this space is reserved for my updates!

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    FiskavFiskav Registered User regular
    edited December 2015

    Fiskav on
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    UselesswarriorUselesswarrior Registered User regular
    edited January 2013
    I am a kickstarter backer for this. Looked like a really interesting project.

    It would nice if they let you use coffee script over JavaScript.

    Uselesswarrior on
    Hey I made a game, check it out @ (Or don't, your call)
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    Mr RayMr Ray Sarcasm sphereRegistered User regular
    edited January 2013
    The art style looks very reminiscent of old-school Ultima Online.

    This game looks like a programmer's wet dream. Although the potential for griefing seems like it would be astronomical.

    Mr Ray on
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    downerdowner Registered User regular
    I watched all of the gameplay videos and this looks awesome. Sandbox style gameplay is always the most attractive to me. I'll be following this closely!

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    kraz007kraz007 Registered User regular
    Haha, I'll be a Naga stalking in a pond... Will that work?

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