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Chrophidian [XBLIG]

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Available on: XBLIG
Developer: Thistleforge Games

In Chrophidian players control a snake that changes the color of any object it touches to its own. At any time the player can "lock" the colors of all objects they are currently touching in return for points and extra time IF they change the colors correctly. As the player scores points their snake not only shifts color but also lengthens. Although the lengthening of the snake's body makes further color changes more difficult to accurately perform, it also allows for more objects to be shifted at once and thus larger point and time multipliers to be achieved.


This game is the result of a husband/wife team and actually began its existence as a submission to the Adventure Time Game Jam. After submitting, we decided that we really liked the gameplay mechanic we had come up with and decided to take out the Adventure Time aspects, flesh it out, and turn it into the the game that we have now released.

We hope you give it a try and most importantly, have some fun with it!

XBLIG Freebie Codes:
2) C9FXV-K846M-327R8-PDBGP-TDC8T
4) PK4Y3-PWH6V-37WB8-HC8X6-96F2M
6) GHV7Y-RPCRR-C8779-TPDWC-4G286
7) HC39X-B9QJ7-7TDHC-DJ427-2HMGJ
10) F9QQK-7PRF8-747RK-36QDK-RDPC6


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    MulletudeMulletude Registered User regular
    edited January 2013
    Tried 1 and 10 and both say they've been redeemed. So I guess people are grabbing them and not posting.

    Looks cool though, i'll look it up in the indie games section.

    [edit]I used code 5. 1, 9 and 10 have all been used though. Didn't try any others.

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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    Note to anyone that grabbed a code and didn't say anything: you are a prick

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