How often do you browse the AC?

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Regulars, lurkers, other sub-forumers: how often do you check out the Artist's Corner?

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How often do you browse the AC? 106 votes

I am here every waking moment!
4% 5 votes
Every few hours.
28% 30 votes
Once a day.
22% 24 votes
Every few days.
16% 18 votes
6% 7 votes
Completely random.
20% 22 votes


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    GrifterGrifter BermudaModerator mod
    I feel like I'm constantly here. But I guess that's why I'm a mod.

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    miaAusamiaAusa GOD Gamer Of Daters ValhallaRegistered User regular
    I'm here too much, I should of signed up earlier, I started reading PA back when it started :<

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    GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
    Used to be daily, now once every other day cause of school!

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    squaresquare Cockbutt TurinRegistered User regular
    I usually check the sub-forum 10-12 times a day.

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    MagicToasterMagicToaster JapanRegistered User regular
    I come here way too often. I mostly just read the chat thread though. I need a life.

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    Mojo_JojoMojo_Jojo We are only now beginning to understand the full power and ramifications of sexual intercourse Registered User regular
    I tend to poke my head in weekly. It was more when you guys had more regular awful posters that you were amusingly scathing to.

    Now that it's all good I just feel inadequate being here.

    Homogeneous distribution of your varieties of amuse-gueule
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    FlayFlay Registered User regular
    I go through phases of lurking, but usually I'm here every few hours.

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    HonkHonk Honk is this poster. Registered User, __BANNED USERS regular
    I am here every few days, not posting a lot but just looking around. I feel I get a lot of inspiration just watching what other talented people make.

    PSN: Honkalot
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    earthwormadamearthwormadam ancient crust Registered User regular
    I picked once a day, but it's prob more like a couple times a day. AC, I just can't quit you!!

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    MetalbourneMetalbourne Inside a cluster b personalityRegistered User regular
    So is the AC on the chopping block?

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    GrifterGrifter BermudaModerator mod

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    tapeslingertapeslinger Space Unicorn Slush Ranger Social Justice Rebel ScumRegistered User regular
    I'd say I peek in a few times a day on here, it is really cool to see what everyone is working on even when I don't really have time to post anything of my own.

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    ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    Yeah, I come here a few times a day. Probably not every few hours, but pretty close some days. Other days I won't come at all if I'm too busy though.

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    MustangMustang Arbiter of Unpopular Opinions Registered User regular
    Yeah I check in here 2-3 times a day, more on weekdays, less on weekends. Though I haven't been looking at art threads enough, because they make me feel bad that I'm not doing more art.

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    MyntMynt Registered User regular
    If my browser is open, usually one of the tabs is open to the AC.

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    melting_dollmelting_doll Registered User regular
    It varies for me. I occasionally go a month or two without visiting and then start checking multiple times a day. So I went with every few days as an average.

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    MangoesMangoes Registered User regular
    I leave for months at a time and then return and check it obsessively, multiple times a day.

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    The_Glad_HatterThe_Glad_Hatter One Sly Fox Underneath a Groovy HatRegistered User regular
    Used to visit multiple times a day, Cut back due to work obligations. Hoping to increase forumtime in the near future again.

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    MuddyParasolMuddyParasol Registered User regular
    I'm here 3 or 4 times a day. I should post more and lurk less... but I just don't have much to say...

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    FyreWulffFyreWulff YouRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    edited December 2012
    Twice a year to check and make sure everyone is still alive

    FyreWulff on
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    lyriumlyrium Registered User regular
    Mangoes wrote: »
    I leave for months at a time and then return and check it obsessively, multiple times a day.


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    MolybdenumMolybdenum Registered User regular
    once every 6-8 hours when I'm awake and have computer access.

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    3DS: 0447-9966-6178
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