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fzsT8.pngCoping with Steam: Artistic Commentary on Our Shared AfflictiontErbf.png


















fzsT8.pngMost Frequently Asked QuestionstErbf.png

1. Steam's search tool is cumbersome and not very informative. Is there a website, other than Steam's, I can go to find out what's on sale?
Steam Sales is great for current sales and for the history of each game (when it has been on sale before, etc). is good for what's on sale now.

2. Can I register this copy of (Insert Game Here) on Steam?
Here's a list of games you can register on Steam. You can always add a non-Steam game to your Steam games list, so that people can see you playing it. You can also use this to add your own shortcuts with fake names to your Steam games list to make it look like you're playing Episode 3. Hilarious, right?

3. If I buy a game pack that already includes a game I own, can I gift that game?
Not usually. You're welcome to ask in this thread, although if you Google it it'll probably be answered even faster. Valve games are typically the only packs that let you do this, and even then it sometimes doesn't work.

4. Why isn't {Insert Game Here} available in my horrible little corner of the earth?
Many Steam games might be unavailable in your country if you have the temerity to live outside of the United States. This is not Steam's fault. Regional game availability is determined solely by the publisher, who should be the source of your ire. Gifting works regardless of region so you might find some helpful person in North America who can gift you the game. This very thread is a great place to ask!

5. How do I get an invite to the Penny Arcade Steam group?
The most convenient way is to just post a link to your Steam profile page (getting one of the swank signatures described below makes it easy) and ask for an invite. Just as a word of advice, we tend to prefer that you be a regular contributor to get an invite to the group. The rule of thumb is 6 months of activity on the forums. We are well known for our generosity, and like to make sure any new additions are here for the good of the community, and not to leech during sales. That said, we're a friendly group, so make yourself at home and start posting and you'll be there in no time!

6. As a Classy Person I am giving away a game on SteamGifts. How do I get the pretty picture to post in the thread?

7. My Steam Chat Font is Too Small!

fzsT8.pngSome Words on GiftingtErbf.png

If you receive a game or pack via a gift or a contest, remember to thank that person either through a PM or by announcing it in the thread. This is not optional. We are classy gentlemen and will act as such.

Steam's new gifting features allow you to store up games in your gift bank when you purchase them, instead of having to email yourself the gift link. It'll be an option during checkout.

A few things to remember as a giftee:
1. Make it possible to track you from PA Forums to Steam. A link directly to your steam ID is usually the most convenient. Remember, your Steam ID is different than your steam name. If you just include text to your steam name, we have to search and scroll through 5 pages to find you (and we may not find you if you're not using the same name/avatar combo!).

2. Make it possible to track you from Steam to PA Forums. Best bet is using similar avatar/name. Understandably, some people don't want to do that. In that case, you should have "I'm ______ on Penny Arcade Forums!" in your profile blurb.

Generally speaking, if you're selected for a gift from a stranger on here it will be, usually, one of two ways:

You will either post in the thread (so they will go to your profile to friend you and then to the store to send a gift.
Someone will want to gift a certain game and go to the store page where you can see everyone who has it on their wishlist.

Also, remember that a gifter can see when you added a game to your wishlist. If you add it on the day of the sale, you might have a smaller chance of being gifted it than someone who has been interested in it since release. Gifters should also make sure they are identifiable from Steam to PA Forums. Some people are shy and are too nervous to message a gifter and say "hey thanks, I have no idea who you are on forums!"

fzsT8.pngAn Important Word on ConteststErbf.png

If you decide to run or participate in a giveaway contest for gift copies of games, please remember that all entry submissions must now be made via PM. The forum mods have stated that pages of the thread being filled with pictures, videos, etc. submitted as contest entries will lead to such contests being banned. So please, for the sake of the thread – take it to PMs.

fzsT8.pngHelpful StufftErbf.png

Steam Mover
Does your Steam library have 800 games? Do you wish you could move some of those games to different hard drives instead of deleting them entirely and then downloading them again when you want to play them? Steam Mover is here for you.

Steam Price Guide
Do you have the misfortune to live somewhere other than America? Steam hates you! Luckily, this cool website with prices for Steam games all around the world is here to help, so you can know if you want to ask an American friend to buy the game for you or not. Hint: you probably do.

You need this program.

It reconfigures your Windows IPSEC settings (run it as an admin) to block out all but the servers which don't count towards your download quota on Steam. Now supports a bunch of ISPs through a graphical interface.

Basically guarantees you won't add to your download quota with Steam.

Also: Download TCPview: TCPView

Then, use TCPview to close all Steam TCP servers (this is important, NOT the UDP ones, just the TCP ones). Steam will then reconnect to a different server, which will hopefully get you a better speed. If you don't go faster in a couple of seconds, retry until you get a speed you like.

I've also been told you Aussies might want to try Angus Wolfcastle's SteamManager. Setting it up is easy is you follow the instructions here. If you find you're still being charged for your steam downloads, try changing the setting like in this link here.

fzsT8.pngCool Community Add-OnstErbf.png

Steam Signatures
With such a cool service, someone must have done some extra things to build on it. The forums have one such man, who made some super cool Steam signatures. Suds is his name and killing is his game. Except for the killing. The signatures automatically use backgrounds for the games and the correct icon. Pretty neat, and they're 100% free!

Sample signature:

Steam Cleaner
Steam Cleaner is a handy little tool to remove all those .NET installers and DirectX installers and so on that every Steam game downloads because it's apparently 1927 in computer years and nobody has figured out how to let you install a Steam game without going through a 12 step process to reinstall a bunch of stuff you installed yesterday when you played another Steam game.

Steam Calculator
You can also use a script on his Steam Calculator page to see how much your Steam account would be worth if you had taken advantage of some obscure, arcane combination of special deals that nobody could ever have taken advantage of. Or something sort of like that.

Steam Roulette
Having trouble picking a game out of your burgeoning [strike]backlog[/strike] gamebank to play? Let VicWhiten's Steam Roulette decide! Just type in your Steam community ID (easier if you set up a custom URL on your Steam profile page), and Steam Roulette will read your library and randomly pick one game every time you hit "Spin the Wheel!" It even connects to Steam to allow you to install or start the game with a single click.

fzsT8.pngWhat's All This About "Serving the Newell?"tErbf.png
It started with this comic:
And now it is our unofficial official motto.

@Lindsey Lohan's Steam Alphabet song:

A is for Amnesia, Hope you didn't need sleep.
B is for Bad Rats, gifted to you by some creep.
C is for Critter Crunch with rainbow vomitting Biggs
D is for Dead Island where weapons snap like they're twigs.
E is EDF making arachniphobes fit
F is for Faerie Solitaire (you know that you played it)
G is for Grand Theft of anything with tires
H is for Halflife cause it was sort of required
I is Ion Assault as not much else starts with I
J is Jade Empire that a sale finally allowed you to buy
K is a Kingdom that made Rhode Island poor
L is Limbo with spiders galore
M is for Magicka which helps you kill off your friends
N is the Newell who you need to serve to the end
O a game that lets you legally Fling your Offspring
P is for Portal where you can hear GlaDOS sing
Q is Quantum Conundrum where physics makes items fall
R is Rock of Ages where you can play with your balls
S brings Sid Meier whose Civ steals your time without care
T sends you To the Moon, is there dust in the air?
U gives an Uplink where you hack systems with ease
V gives us VVVVVV which has multiple Vs
W has the Worms, flinging grenades like a jerk
X is for X-Com whose revival actually worked
Y is for Ys which no one knows how to say
Z is for Zeno Clash the weirdest game you can play
Oh, and remember:

And also remember...
Nobody expects the PA Inquisition!


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    Stay strong. We have much Steam sale to go...

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    That's how you do it, right?


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    Another day, another dig. This shit is the least exciting work humanly imaginable. Ever since the government started putting up recruitment posters to head to mars to begin work on their big metropolis project, there’s this sort of romantic vision of coming to the planet and being some of the first. Make a difference they say! There’s nothing romantic about inhaling dust older than your great great great grandmother and redder than Karen Gillian’s curtain hair. I could make out more of the stuff piled up in dunes and garnishing rock faces through the huge amount of it caked onto the transport’s window. This rickety rust bucket carried about 30 or so of us back and forth from the sardine can they called an apartment complex to the dig site, bout an hour’s drive away. One of their silly safety measures. As far as I can tell, dust from that hole is no less dangerous than the dust back home.

    I had begun to space out a little at the sight of all the pure red, when my buddy Liam came from the back of the transport and slapped his hand on my shoulder.

    “Sup bruh,” he slung himself into the seat beside me. In his hands he was twisting something around with his fingers.

    “Sup dude,” I stretched a little, as much as this clown car would allow, and put my back up against the window. “What’s good?”

    “Fresh shit, man. Straight from the highest point.” His face twisted into a sly smile. I nodded while watching his hand.


    “Yesson. Got this from one of those guards, got government hookup. High class.”

    High class?” I joked.

    “Like nosediving from another galaxy and swimming through the stars all the way back home.” He held out his hand, contained within was a small crystal not even an inch or so long, with a green polymer base holding it at the lower tip. There were some small spikes protruding out of the base, copper colored and sharp tipped. “He called it the Dozer. Says they got it from some trade ships carrying some rockstar brewer from back home on earth and his portable cook sites. Don’t even know what it’s made of, they haven’t completed a complete chemical deconstruction yet.” It all sounded too good to me.

    “You just taking this at the guard’s word? I hope you didn’t pay for it cause a guard’s word is worth as much as a handful of soft sand that I pissed in.” I shook my head disapprovingly.

    “Naw man, you don’t understand,” he leaned in close to me. “I tried it already. It’s a monster. Huge. Colossal. This is the next step in trippin, whoever this guy is has fireworks on his hands and he himself is a burning ember waiting to ignite it all.” Maybe I was wrong. If he’d tried this shit and it was as good as he said it was… Liam’s never been wrong about a trip before. If I were back home I might have been a little more reluctant to put things in my body of questionable origin, but as it was I could use the medical excuse to get thrown off this rock.

    “Word?” A smile erupted across Liam’s cheeks as he saw the enthusiasm in my eye, a gleam in the reflection where the glorious mysterious crystal lie. He dropped it into my hand and shuffled out the other crystal from his left hand.

    “Word doesn’t even begin to describe it, G.”

    Spoilering: A lot more words ahead!

    “So how do we uh, use it?” I couldn’t think of any obvious ways beyond the bronze protrusions but even those didn’t offer much in the way of hints as to how it was going to enter. Liam reached out his hands and clapped them together. My eyes widened. Is he really planning on hitting this shit while we’re driving to work?

    “Like so,” his hands separated to reveal shards of the crystal liquefying into gashes in his palm flesh. Within seconds, most of the trace of the goo was gone, only leaving the polymer container with its spikes, the tips painted daintily with small amounts of blood. He slipped the leftover case into his pocket and gave a little hand signal as if to say go on. My doe eyed stare fixated on the little crystal in my hand. It was perfectly transparent, almost a ghost hovering in my hand. It had to be the most pure shit anyone’s ever made before. I turned my head and pressed cheek against glass, watching the barren landscape roll past us. Same old shit as every other day.

    Fuck this planet. Clap.

    I felt the shards cut deep, but they had a topical anesthetic effect which prevented the wounds from causing too much pain. I held my hands together for a few seconds to make sure it had taken properly, then held them up to my face and watched as the shards melted like ice in the summer directly into each wound. After a few moments, I still couldn’t feel any effects of anything.

    “How long do I have?” I asked Liam, who was already leaning back in his seat and staring at the ceiling.

    “Bout 15 minutes, should hit soon before we reach the dig.” I picked up the container from my lap, where it had fallen after I’d watched the drug work its magic, and placed it in my pocket. I leaned back to get comfortable for the rest of the ride.

    We were somewhere on the edge of the city limits when the drugs began to take hold. I felt a tingle in the blood stream, and my eyelids twitched on my closed eyes. I opened them and took a deep ibmGeSOo2ZNLUB.png . The ceiling of the transport stretched and bubbled away from me as I exhaled, the air expelled from my lungs evacuating with such force that the roof bent and formed under its will. The dome had expanded out half a mile away from my head, and a shiver crept down my spine. I turned to look at Liam, who was already a bit further into his trip. His eyes looked slightly waxy and crazed. He was far gone, seeing shit between the lines mankind was never meant to see. He somehow kept his composure despite the drug thoroughly stomping on his perception of reality, and I hoped I could keep it as cool as him once the full effect swung in. The seats were shaking violently in their place, and all the other occupants’ faces were smeared from sight. I couldn’t tell if they were aware of our situation, or if they were just not paying us any attention. My body felt heavy, my blood turning to dark matter as it passed through my heart and swam out to my extremities.

    It took the effort of a dozen dwarfs working a gear in my neck to get my head turned around enough to peek out the window. The familiar and plain hills of red dust no longer fell before my eyes, but instead a churning wasteland of molten magma. Waves of the stuff crashed against each other in some struggle humans couldn’t even hope to comprehend, nature against nature. A raw display, and I was transfixed on it all. The sky blacked out and put the focus strictly on the violent sight. I felt the heat roasting me alive, sweat poured down my chest and stained my shirt. I blinked for an eternity, and felt the tractor beam keeping me looking outside break engagement. I investigated the rest of the transport. To my surprise, bodies were moving down the middle aisle. Everyone’s heads had been replaced by those of various animals from back on earth. Rats, pigs, owls, wolves, elephants, dogs, Liam’s was currently a horse. He turned and looked at me, his gray mane and snout distorting and waving slightly.

    “You ready?”


    “Are you ready?” He held his arm out for me, and I grabbed onto it. It was my lifeline, my rope keeping me from falling to oblivion. He stood up and yanked me to my feet, all of the drug filled blood rushing to the back of my head for a moment. The universe blurred, its colors and shapes fusing together into a watercolor painting. As we joined the line filing out of the bus from hell, everything regained its definition. Liam’s head was now a Rooster. I soon found I didn’t need his guidance so much, my legs were beginning to make sense to me. We were close to exiting the vehicle, when my mind began to race. Holy fuck, we’re about to step out onto hot fucking lava! Those people are going to be roasted alive! I yelped, but Liam turned and held his hand up. I swallowed my outburst, feeling it tumble into my system and the words I planned to shout at the top of my lungs floating around in my body like alphabet soup running down the drain. Every footstep echoed heavily, the executioner’s axe swinging at each person’s head as they stepped off the bus. In moments, it was Liam and I’s turn to step out. I couldn’t see the ground. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. My right foot reached out and touched the sand. At first my foot sank a bit and I felt that panic return, but the sinking stopped and the sweltering heat vaporized on the surface of my skin. I opened my peepers.


    The shell that had obscured the sky cracked open and exposed the atmosphere, ejecting what had held it captive into the reaches of space. The hills of dust had returned, no lava in sight. The peeling planetary shell revealed a most wondrous sight out in the distance. A large trough gaped between two large peaks of the red sand. Sitting atop each of the hills were large, beautiful women. They had to have been miles and miles away, but their heads scraped the sky. They were completely naked, legs dipping down into the valley and showed off their fine curves, stretched out like a pin up calender.

    “Beautiful tits…” I heard Liam exclaim. “Rude ass, even!” he turned and looked at me. The two ladies flung their hair back seductively. He could tell by the look on my face I was right there with him. He was right, those were some pretty stonking tits. But something else caught my eye as I drifted away from the bodacious babes. A line was moving down the middle of the valley, gazing downward back towards us I noticed that they were a conga line of bodies, all marching slowly to some destination that the tips of the woman’s feet were pointing towards. For reasons I couldn’t understand, I felt the urge to join this group, to travel to this mecca which promised untold things. I started walking out in the direction of the line, and I heard Liam shuffle to catch up to me.

    Approaching the end of the line, I got a close look at our comrades on this journey. They were tall men, cloaked and clothed in wrapped cloth scraps. They carried large tanks upon their backs and every so often you would see what looked like a mutated camel carrying huge sacks on its back. The caravan paid us no mind as we stuck behind them, hissing emerging from the giant tanks on their backs and smoke escaping the voids that shrouded their faces in darkness. We stuck in line, feeling ourselves at home with this mysterious group but that it was best for us to adhere to the unspoken rules they adhered to. It was not our place to question why they walked in a perfectly straight line or what the purpose was of the two well-gifted women in the sky was. We just walked with religious devotion.

    My foot began to meet more resistance as we moved on, causing me to look away from the sight of the fine space ladies. The ground had been replaced, sand giving way to a field of bones melted together. I gasped, and looked in horror as this continued on as far as the eye could see. Millions upon millions of bones cemented into place, skulls protruding from the ground, their teeth being dislodged by the step of one of the fellow travelers. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to continue, the fear headlocked my brain and browbeat it. But I had to fight it, I couldn’t let the fear win on this trip. I felt dedication to the cause, a determination so strong willed. My purpose was here, at the end of this journey. I tried to block out the sound of the cracking of bone against heavy foot, to fend off the panic that would overtake me if I didn’t try to push it to the back of my addled mind.

    At last, the end of the journey was within reach. Before us was a very steep decline, leading to a nightmarish throne room. The throne itself was constructed as elegantly as is possible when it is made entirely out of bones. It reached up about a hundred feet, culminating at the top in a massive hand that was clutching a button, with a thumb on both sides. On both sides of the throne stood giant walls of guitar amplifiers, with black hooded figures standing atop each wall. Golden Gibson Les Pauls rested in their hands, and with careful hand they struck monolithic riffs. They held the riffs for eons, the vibrations of the air were almost suffocating. Soon we were close enough to see the man sitting atop his throne, overlooking his followers as they approached him one by one. He wore a large black armor, gold trim accenting the ebony with fine style. He sat one hand on his throne’s arm, while the other gripped a massive bong. It billowed thunderclouds out as he took large raspy hits. His long hair flowed down past his knees, natural horns extending out from the top of his dome.

    Each member of the group approached him, one by one, and stood before their master. He would speak to them for a moment, hand them a small box-like object, and wave them off. After which, they would then walk straight through him and become ethereal, completely vanishing from sight. The line thinned, wearing down from the thousands strong it once was to only a few dozen left. God knows how long we’d been waiting here, I just thanked the lord ahead of us that I hadn’t felt the urge to pee at any point during the waiting. I began to breathe in some of the excess smog emitting from the monstrous bong, and felt my head get even more light and airy. I could barely hear the murmurs of communication coming from the people only a few ahead of me speaking with our lord. It was only a few moments longer before it was my turn, standing at the base of his glorious seat of power. Its shadow had engulfed me. He reached out with his hand and waved me towards him. I made my way up the smoothed out bone stairway, and kneeled before my lord.

    “Welcome, my child,” the figure spoke, exhaling a tornado of smoke in my direction.

    “My lord,” I addressed.

    “You’ve traveled far and long to Funeralopolis today, completing the great journey that all of my followers must undertake at least once in their lives. Your dedication is to be rewarded, my son, by a gift I have prepared for you. Please accept this as a token that you have completed your trek, and keep it safe so that when we meet again, I may know that you had completed your duty.” The lord reached down to me and presented a blue box pinched between his armored fingers. I held both my hands up and he dropped the box into my cupped receptacle. I stared at the box and felt a radiant energy pulsating from it into my body. I felt the drug inside me begin to dissipate in my blood stream.

    “Thank you, my lord.” I chanted off. He reached out his arm and waved me off.

    “Be off my son, quickly!” he urged, and I rose to my feet as quickly as I could. The walls of amps burst out with one last wash of pure rock noise. I took a deep breath and ran at the armored man. Just as everyone else before me, I went straight through him, his throne, and the wall behind him. There was a moment of inky blackness before I came out the other side, falling face first into the dusty red sand. I held my breath and flung my head up, glancing around and seeing nothing but hills of the red shit stretching out forever on the horizon. Moments later, Liam came crashing down next to me, kicking up some of the cursed dust and getting it in my eye.

    “Ah shit,” I uttered as I began to rub the sand from its trap in my eye. It burned, but as I was still coming down off that righteous high it wasn’t all that bad. I rolled over onto my ass and sat up, looking in the direction we had just came from. There was a long trail of footprints that led far out into the distance.

    “Heavy, wasn’t it?” Liam asked, pulling himself up to my side. We gazed down the martian surface and let out a simultaneous sigh. God knows how far out we’d wandered from the dig.

    “Heaviest metal I’ve ever seen.”

    “Do you think they’re gonna fire us for this?” Liam had a pretty good question.

    “Nah, getting lost on the surface isn’t entirely too uncommon. They might ask a lot of questions but we should be able to keep our cool.” I picked myself up and reached my hand out to Liam. We dusted ourselves off. “Time to get walkin.”


    End wall of text!

    This story goes out to my bro @ruiner999 , who is my comrade in the world of Stoner & Desert Rock music, all the vidja games, and an all around totally awesome dude. He gifted me twice, with both Dead Pixels and Red Faction: Guerrilla, the latter of which is no longer available on steam and he dug out a key from amazon for me. I knew I had to go all out for him, so here it is. A 3,000 word monolith. In order to keep things somewhat more simple and fresh, I will also throw out my thanks here to @CanadianWolverine and @Pierceneck for their gifts of Ultimate Doom and Doom 3 pack respectively, to keep with the mars theme of the story. And as well to @Jrosey for Spec Ops, keeping up with the desert theme. You guys are awesome dudes too, just no ruiner999 ;)

    Only a few more thank you stories left to go, so please hang on if you still haven’t gotten yours yet!

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    jdarksun wrote: »


    Haven't finished the Episodes yet, so please no. No. NOOOOOOOO.

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    Krummith wrote: »
    Does anyone know if there is any dlc missing from the Civ V Goty?

    Other than Gods & Kings. My google fu fails me on this.
    Buttcleft wrote: »
    I think its missing Korea, and maybe something else. I know I got the GOTY a while ago and it didnt come with Korea.
    HiT BiT wrote: »
    According to Google the GOTY doesn't include Korea or the Wonders of the Ancient World pack
    bobwoco wrote: »
    From poking around on the Steam page, it seems like the Korea and Wonders of the Ancient World DLCs are missing, and they're conveniently in a two-pack for 1.24 right now. I have no idea why 2K would keep any of the DLC out of the GOTY edition, but there you go.

    Thanks! My Civ is complete! Until the next dlc, that is. Sorry about being several pages, and a thread late!

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    Win the Spec Ops!


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    jdarksun wrote: »

    You could try here?

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    From the previous thread:
    ToyD wrote: »
    Idx86 wrote: »
    Excision wrote: »
    If you have not played XCOM yet, and you do not snap up that $17.50 deal on are simply a bad person.

    I am a bad person. Who has spent too much money and may have gotten into some trouble by my spousal unit tonight.

    I am a bad person because I just can't figure out if ill like it. I've done my share of FPS games, but doing the campaign of them has never been my strong point.

    You're aware that XCOM isn't an FPS, right? It's a tactics game.

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    I've been away for a while, so a few things:

    FUCKING @SPOIT! LEAVE ME ALONE! He gave me... I dunno, 4 games? What the hell?
    Seriously though, thanks man.

    Thanks also go to @Kalia, @Smokestacks, @AerynKelly, and @cardboard delusions. This thread is too classy by far, even when I stay away for weeks at a time I come back to a pile of gifts.

    Did I miss Snuggs shitting things up some more? Or any other funny/depressing stuff like that?

  • Professor SnugglesworthProfessor Snugglesworth Registered User regular
    The Walking Dead is a five-part game I have every intention of calling the best game of the year.

    And yet I have misgivings about ever playing it again, even just to see the different outcomes (whether minor or otherwise). The reason is that much of the experience was based on acting out of impulse, making those split-decisions the way I would have potentially done so given the circumstances.

    Starting over and purposely picking the opposite choices, even if it is to see how they would play out, just wouldn't be as great an experience. So I'm almost tempted to just leave it as is.

    Also, 2 hours left:


  • ScosglenScosglen Registered User regular
    I can understand that stance, especially if all the choices in the game continue to be big binary decisions, but I personally get a lot of enjoyment from "testing the fences" of games like this so I'll surely run through two or three times.

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    So what hidden gems should I be looking at grabbing?

    Looking for stuff that won't go on sale on the front page but that is already heavily discounted.

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    Still no daily sale on the game I was wanting to gift, but still confident it can happen.

  • ButtcleftButtcleft Registered User regular
    @ebotastic being awesome, twisted my arm until I finally accepted his hot load of grimrock.

    that's it, I'm shutting this entire forum down, everyone thank buttcleft
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    First set of winners. Need more people to pounce on these Walking Deads because I have a definite lack of pictures involving zombies and dinosaurs.

    President Rex's Post-Apocalyptic Present Proffering

    I'm here to deliver the semi-finest in game gifting contests. I've got games, you want games, I want to give you games! In order to receive a fancy game you'll need to give me some information (as per forum stipulation, you'll need to send this to me via PM):

    1. The game you want
    2. Your contest submission
    3. Your steam profile page so I can send a friend request or your e-mail (steam-based entries more likely to win. Yes, I am biased in favor of the Newell)

    I will select the winner(s) and send the associated fancy Steam gift. I'm only going to bother with PA members signed up before December 2012 for fancy spam/fraud prevention (sorry new peoples).

    What is currently in my gift inventory for gifting:

    Civilization V
    The V is silent and there's an invisible 5. The best human-civilization-spanning turn-based strategy now has hexes and streamlined mechanics and a lot of people think it's the best Civ yet. Gandhi returns once again to nuke you into space.

    Contest submission: Some form of psychotic Gandhi

    DOTA 2
    There are 5 people, 4 major abilities per person, 3 lanes, 2 bases and one partridge in a pear tree. MOBA games at their finest, Valve style. If you like running up and down lanes ganking enemies and laughing all the way to the bank for you fancy new power up, have I got a game for you.

    Contest submission: An awesome picture of something exploding.

    FTL: Faster Than Light (waiting for more fancy submissions)
    Top-down psuedo-roguelike in space, where everyone can hear you scream in frustration as your crew dies of asphyxiation as crab people ransack your engine room, preventing your from escaping from a solar flare as their missiles blast through your shield and your journey to save the Federation goes up in a big ball o' flame.

    Contest submission - The best spaceship name.
    Contest results (in progress):
    @SoundsPlush - The Timid Velociraptor
    (this name has been granted automatic win and has also now been stolen)

    Killing Floor
    Probably one of the greatest co-op games of all time. Still receives updates from tripwire. You and up to 5 of your friends fight off waves upon waves of grotesque mutations with some of the finest and fairly realistic weaponry around (probably the best shotguns in any game I've seen).

    Contest submission: Something related to zombies and Christmas (in prose or poetic text or pictorial form).

    Spec Ops: The Line
    There's a line. It may or may not be crossed at some point. Also shooting and thought-provoking twists may be involved. And sand. Lots of sand. I hear it gets everywhere.

    Contest closed - A unique, non-copyrighted, self-made haiku involving sand
    I love me some sand
    but only when wet and soft
    they call it quicksand

    Stinging sands assail
    Steel and stone alike all yield
    As the hourglass turns

    Ashe's honorable mention but unfortunately only had 2 copies of SpecOps:
    Fierce winds sweep the beach
    I ponder as sand sneaks up
    my posterior

    Torchlight II
    Can a diablo-clone outdiablo diablo? Are there too many diablos in this summary? That question and more could be answered if you enter this contest (Torchlight 2 is a fancy sequel to Torchlight, a diablo-esque point-and-click, hack-and-slash, hyphen-and-and game that is great for co-op or if you really like clicking or explosions).

    Contest submission: Your favorite co-op experience written out in prose form
    (reasonable length preferred)

    The Walking Dead
    Experience the joys of watching humanity crumble before your eyes in this shoe-in for GOTY. Zombies? People dying? Hard choices? A kid that's actually cute and likable and not annoying? Everything you could ever want in a zombie apocalypse.

    Contest submission: Your best pictorial rendition of a dinosaur fighting off zombies.
    (an unrelated winner for Two Worlds II had a stick figure hypnotizing a stick-figure chicken, so don't think you need the greatest artistic capacity)

    X-Com: Enemy Unknown
    Usually old games get terrible remakes. That did not happen. There are aliens and you need to use your best turn-based strategies to eradicate them before they liquify humanity or turn us all into zombies or mutilate all of our cows.

    Contest submission: Your best anti-alien one-liner (with setup, if necessary).

    Expect the next round of selections on Sunday. Also, be sure to include the actual picture. Someone sent me a post without the image. I can't judge post-modern nihilistic art.

    (Expect a friend request from President Rex for present transmission if you win)

    President Rex on
  • jdarksunjdarksun Scion of Chaos Registered User regular
    Viking wrote: »
    jdarksun wrote: »

    You could try here?
    Ahhh, thank you

  • MachismoMachismo Registered User regular
    Anyone have advice about how to fix my little Steam problem?

    Steam hangs every time I try to install a game. I am on Windows 7, and I get a windows prompt saying that Steam is not responding.

    I already deleted everything except Steam.exe and the steamapps folder to force a redownload. I checked for readonly properties on the steamapps folder.

    Man I am out of ideas here....


  • DrovekDrovek Registered User regular
    FredZ89 wrote: »
    jdarksun wrote: »


    Haven't finished the Episodes yet, so please no. No. NOOOOOOOO.

    The Walking Dead is not a game you talk about.

    It's a game you keep deep inside of you, until one day you can't take it anymore and you break out crying in the middle of an aisle in a supermarket.

    StollsCommander ZoomMercutio87Maz-Handgimp
  • jdarksunjdarksun Scion of Chaos Registered User regular
    Machismo wrote: »
    Anyone have advice about how to fix my little Steam problem?

    Steam hangs every time I try to install a game. I am on Windows 7, and I get a windows prompt saying that Steam is not responding.

    I already deleted everything except Steam.exe and the steamapps folder to force a redownload. I checked for readonly properties on the steamapps folder.

    Man I am out of ideas here....

    Have you tried copying out the steamapps folder, deleting everything, and downloading/installing from scratch?

  • SteevLSteevL What can I do for you? Registered User regular
    So what hidden gems should I be looking at grabbing?

    Looking for stuff that won't go on sale on the front page but that is already heavily discounted.

    If it doesn't get a featured sale, I'll be picking up Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken on the last day. It looks like fun, and $2.49 isn't a bad price at all.

  • SkutSkutSkutSkut Registered User regular
    edited December 2012
    One more reminder

    And I'll prolly get to writing up my mega discount list a bit early this sale, seeing a lot of repeats on the daily already when there's so much that could be discounted.


    SkutSkut on
  • HeirTransparentHeirTransparent ... Registered User regular
    While I was getting absorbed into the very excellent Stealth Bastard Deluxe, which I received as a gift earlier today from @HyphyKezzy, I happened to alt+tab out to check the thread. What should I happen to see but a message from @milski, bearing a bundle of holiday cheer! Tower defense meets RPG in Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten? Don't mind if I do! Definitely brightened my day to receive such kind gifts from two obviously classy people. Thanks!

  • MachismoMachismo Registered User regular
    jdarksun wrote: »
    Machismo wrote: »
    Anyone have advice about how to fix my little Steam problem?

    Steam hangs every time I try to install a game. I am on Windows 7, and I get a windows prompt saying that Steam is not responding.

    I already deleted everything except Steam.exe and the steamapps folder to force a redownload. I checked for readonly properties on the steamapps folder.

    Man I am out of ideas here....

    Have you tried copying out the steamapps folder, deleting everything, and downloading/installing from scratch?

    Yup. I deleted everything but the steamapps folder and steam.exe.
    I also ran it in admin mode.
    I will try deleting everything next with steamapps in a side folder and see if it is any better.

  • Zen VulgarityZen Vulgarity What a lovely day for tea Secret British ThreadRegistered User regular

    oVSbgTI.png For more artwork like this, check out Jakub Rozalski's imgur
  • ScosglenScosglen Registered User regular
    edited December 2012
    many thanks to @President Rex for the cool contest and awarding me Spec Ops. Now I get to see what the hell the fuss is about beyond "It's Gears of War except some crazy shit happens"

    Scosglen on
  • striderjgstriderjg Registered User regular
    edited December 2012
    Machismo wrote: »
    Anyone have advice about how to fix my little Steam problem?

    Steam hangs every time I try to install a game. I am on Windows 7, and I get a windows prompt saying that Steam is not responding.

    I already deleted everything except Steam.exe and the steamapps folder to force a redownload. I checked for readonly properties on the steamapps folder.

    Man I am out of ideas here....


    Hmmm... i've been getting random freezes that have seemed to have abated recently since a update awhile back but certainly not whenever I try to install a game..... have you tried google with a date filter? I'll see if I can dig around the basements of the internet and see if I can find a solution. With it being random for me I though there was a problem in the client/server system that was beyond me to fix till valve figured it out... but everytime you try to install something certainly dictates a immediate solution.

    edit: whole bunch of things found with this google about that exact problem:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.1355534169,d.dmQ&fp=57b747fe93862d6b&bpcl=40096503&biw=1920&bih=956
    unfortunately no one seems to have a answer. You might wanna open a ticket [groan]

    striderjg on
  • chrisnlchrisnl Registered User regular
    SteevL wrote: »
    So what hidden gems should I be looking at grabbing?

    Looking for stuff that won't go on sale on the front page but that is already heavily discounted.

    If it doesn't get a featured sale, I'll be picking up Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken on the last day. It looks like fun, and $2.49 isn't a bad price at all.

    That certainly has style. For $2.50 or less I might have to grab it.

  • ButtcleftButtcleft Registered User regular
    Buttcleft wrote: »
    @ebotastic being awesome, twisted my arm until I finally accepted his hot load of grimrock.

    Not content with just that

    @ebotastic saw fit to also give me Metro 2033, because he is a great classhole.

    that's it, I'm shutting this entire forum down, everyone thank buttcleft
  • MachismoMachismo Registered User regular
    I fully uninstalled it.
    Copied my steamapps away for safe keeping.

    And still... it freezes.

  • heenatoheenato Registered User regular
    I have...finished another game. That makes THREE since the sale started.

    What is this...odd feeling?

    M A G I K A Z A M
  • StollsStolls Brave Corporate Logo Chicago, ILRegistered User regular
    Not to be outdone, the good @CroakerBC caught me off guard and gifted me Hotline Miami, stealthily and in revenge. Police are asking area residents to be on the lookout for the classiest fellow in the neighborhood.

    Now, for once, doing whatever the voice on the phone tells me to do will help me keep my job!

    I write for these people. Shadowrun skillcheck guides: Dragonfall, Hong Kong
  • EchoEcho Where da waaagh at? Moderator mod
    Planetside 2 may be the most fun I've had with my pants on in a very long time.

    Echo wrote: »
    Let they who have not posted about their balls in the wrong thread cast the first stone.
  • StollsStolls Brave Corporate Logo Chicago, ILRegistered User regular
    heenato wrote: »
    I have...finished another game. That makes THREE since the sale started.

    What is this...odd feeling?

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

    You can PLAY these? I thought this was just some collectible thing.

    I write for these people. Shadowrun skillcheck guides: Dragonfall, Hong Kong
    ReynoldsCommander ZoomAshevegeta_666
  • BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    Gotta buy 'em all

  • FreiFrei sauntering downwards Registered User regular
    Echo wrote: »
    Planetside 2 may be the most fun I've had with my pants on in a very long time.

    Hahaha, you keep your pants on while you play video games?

    All persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental.
  • RyadicRyadic Registered User regular
    Surprised Dark Souls won, to be honest. Now I've got a few hours to decide if I wanna use the last of my wallet on it as well as drop some extra cash to cover the last bit of the cost. This will be the last purchase of the sale, and as it is, the last game I would really want from the sale. It's hard to justify getting another game when I've got so many awesome ones to play through. Especially when I've gotta spend some more cash on it.

    I guess I'll sleep on it and make the decision tomorrow when I wake up.

    For now, I've gotta start finishing some of these games. I think I'm pretty close to finishing Hotline Miami, unless there's more to the game after the first playthrough.

  • CuvisTheConquerorCuvisTheConqueror They set the fire. Now fan the flames. Registered User regular

  • Banzai5150Banzai5150 Registered User regular
    Latest Flash:
    Dungeon Defenders -75% $3.74
    Port Royale 3 -75% $9.99
    Sherlock Holmes -50% $19.99

    Xbox Live: ObsoletePaper | Uplay: Banzai5150 | Playstation: ObosoletePaper
  • bobwocobobwoco Registered User regular
    I'm kind of confused about why they're putting super obscure indie games on flash sale when we still haven't seen any sale on New Vegas, the GTA games, Legacy of Kain, BG&E, and a ton of other fairly popular or new games.

    Steam ID: wocobob
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