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Warfare & Havoc - a new indie war game for Android [released]

TubeTube Registered User admin
We have just released Warfare & Havoc, a war game for Android and also our first game.

Overview of the game
It is a real-time tactical war game that contains 27 levels of which the first seven are free.
In a nutshell, you control a bunch of units and run around in forest,
throw grenades, shoot rockets until you have defeated the enemy.

Information about developers
The game was developed by two Estonian IT students as a hobby project.
We have worked on this game on and off for two years and finally it is finished :).

We would be thankful if anyone would review it or give feedback or point out what should be changed/added.

Links to the game:
Game in Google Play
Facebook fan page

QR-code to the game in Google Play:


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