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Block Blasters! [iOs, Android]

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If you’ve ever flung an angry bird into a hapless pig or cut a rope to feed candy to an insatiable monster, Block Blasters just may become your latest time vortex.
Block Blasters is the latest offering in the physics puzzle game craze. The 99 cent strategy game combines all proper elements to make sure you get sucked into the action.

The premise is simple and fun. A bunch of mean blocks have come to cause trouble, and it is up to you to get rid of them. You’ll need a keen eye, a steady hand and bombs. Lots and lots of bombs.
Use your brainpower to orchestrate the perfect strategy. Then tap into your arsenal of bombs to create perfectly-placed explosions at the touch of your fingertips. Blast the mean blocks away, but be careful! The good blocks have to remain within designated safe areas or the mission can fail.

Demo/Official Website

Google Play and iTunes store
iTunes App Store at
Android App Store at
Amazon Android App Store at

We will be releasing an update in the following weeks and we would love to hear your feedback!

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