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Let's Make Some Mutants (Phase 2)

DMACDMAC Come at me, bro!Moderator mod

When I was a young nerd, the first pencil & paper roleplaying game I ever played was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness by Palladium Games.


One of my favorite parts of the game was the (mostly) random character generation. You roll dice and various tables tell you what kind of animal you are, how you got to be a mutant, and how good you are are at various things. I had lots of fun drawing both my and my friends' characters while I was supposed to be paying attention in class.

This thread is for art based on the characters created in the SE++ thread. If you haven't created a character or would like to look at some of the others for inspiration, please head over there and check them out.

The Ninja Turtles themselves have been portrayed as everything from grim and gritty to cute and cartoony so there's plenty of room for interpretation.

Drawing anthropomorphic animals actually presents a number of interesting challenges. Melding animal and human anatomy, finding ways to simplify or stylize animal features (if you decide to go that way), studying animals to capture those features that make them unique, and finding ways to add character/expression to animals which don't usually do much emoting are all things to consider.

There's also the character's background to consider. Can you find a way to suggest the character's backstory through clothing/accessories/weapons? Can you convey their personality through their posture and expression? Even if you decide to go with something fun and cartoony, these are all things that should be in the back of your mind.

Here are a few pieces from the TMNT&OS rulebooks for inspiration:





  • kingworkskingworks Registered User regular
    edited January 2013
    It's going to take me a few days (at least), but I'm totally doing this.

    kingworks on
  • tapeslingertapeslinger Space Unicorn Slush Ranger Social Justice Rebel ScumRegistered User regular
    this is going to be fun, I have been on a kick for 80s style gritty inks and this seems perfectly tailored for that

    one crazy mutant eagle coming up (later today)

  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    This is brilliant, I'm in.

  • tapeslingertapeslinger Space Unicorn Slush Ranger Social Justice Rebel ScumRegistered User regular
    Welp, did some sketching on my lunch break, came up with a few things but this was the only one I liked well enough to throw a little ink on it. Birds are weird.


  • DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator mod
    I did a bunch of drawings of an eagle mascot for a local elementary school. I ended up making the beak sort of flexible so that it could smile but you still end up with some weird stuff like "How do I make an eagle play a recorder?"



  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    Cross-posting this from the SE++ thread
    DMAC wrote: »
    Animal Type: Cat


    Origin: Accidental Encounter

    Some "strange stuff, radiation,
    energy, chemicals, biologicals, or other strangeness, causes the animals
    to mutate.

    By skulking around the fringes of society the character picks
    up rudimentary education. The character probably has a small
    number of human friends but distrusts people in general.

    Intelligence: 12
    Willpower: 14
    Charisma: 7
    Strength: 11
    Dexterity: 4
    Endurance: 14
    Beauty: 20
    Speed: 10

    Prissy-Muffins Charlemagne the Third was raised to be an award winning show-cat. The ferocious cat spirit of Prissy-Muffins Charlemagne the Third was broken, forced to engage in rudimentary taasks and have its asshole examined daily. For a species founded upon the Pride, this was the ultimate humiliation.

    But one fateful day, when the beauty formulae shampoo was mixed with the mysterious CHEMICAL X, Prissy-Muffins Charlemagne the Third became something more than feline, more than human. Taking his revenge upon his captors, Prissy-Muffins Charlemagne the Third went on the run, hiding in the dark corners, feasting on scraps and rats to avoid contact with hated humans.

    Time passed and Prissy-Muffins Charlemagne the Third became ill, dying in the street in a thin, destitute shell of his former glory. He was happened upon by a devout Hindu man who saw Prissy-Muffins Charlemagne the Third and was convinced that it was a godly incarnation, divine. The man hid Prissy-Muffins Charlemagne the Third, fed him, and taught him the ways of man. The man introduced Prissy-Muffins Charlemagne the Third to a small group of people, convincing each that this cat-man was a god incarnate.

    When one of these people asked Prissy-Muffins Charlemagne the Third which god he was, Prissy-Muffins Charlemagne the Third replied: "Shiva. I am Shiva."

    And thus Prissy-Muffins Charlemagne the Third cast off his former shackles of the human oppressors and ascended to the godhead of his mind: Shiva the Destroyer was born.

    (secretly, all cats believe they are a god)


    Munkus BeaverDMACtapeslingerIrukaSightTDWBrovid Hasselsmof
  • DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator mod
    I drew Ribert, @Awko 's Shaolin frog at lunch today and added some digital tones to it when I got home:


    tapeslingerSightTDWElbasunuBrovid HasselsmofkingworksAwkoDevastation Bob
  • franciumfrancium Registered User regular

    Spencer Bridges was once just a regular sparrow like you or me. he used to live under the George Washington bridge until one day when he was gathering string from a tree limb over one of the neighborhood streets. an open bed truck knocked him out and he fell into the back. everyone who saw it happen froze. nopidgeon moved as the truck drove away until it stopped, then made a right on 132nd.
    thats the story anyways. something about the truck said "stoneybrook labs" on it. im not sure what that means. ever since he changed, he dont come talk to us small fries anymore. douchebag!. did that guy just drop a philly? this is our lucky day!

    DMACm3naceIrukatapeslingerkingworksAnialosDevastation Bob
  • ElbasunuElbasunu Registered User regular
    I played one campaign ever of "After the Bomb" and it was great.

    Steam ID: Obos Vent: Obos
  • DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator mod
    One of these days I really want to run a Road Hogs (After the Bomb) adventure. Basically Mad Max with mutant animals in the American Southwest.

  • MetalbourneMetalbourne Inside a cluster b personalityRegistered User regular
    DMAC wrote: »
    One of these days I really want to run a Road Hogs (After the Bomb) adventure. Basically Mad Max with mutant animals in the American Southwest.
    That sounds awesome

  • kingworkskingworks Registered User regular
    edited January 2013
    @francium I absolutely love the sparrow with the bowler & monacle.

    kingworks on
  • franciumfrancium Registered User regular
    Haha! Thanks kingworks. I used to read usagi, and I've never seen a bird mutant in there, so with nothing to work with I kinda just dressed up a sparrow to start things off. Thus the bowler and monocle. Then I thought of the name spencer bridges and he turned into a footpad from upper manhattan.

  • DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator mod
    Today's lunchtime sketch: @chromdom 's Starbuck:


    SightTDWRankenphiletapeslingerDevastation BobEncProspicienceh3ndu
  • SightTDWSightTDW Registered User regular
    I think I'm looking forward to your lunchtime more than my own.

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    Devastation Bob
  • franciumfrancium Registered User regular
    Nice "scuff" hatching on the jackete there DMAC. i love using that technique personally.

  • RankenphileRankenphile Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood.Registered User, Moderator mod
    DMAC wrote: »
    Today's lunchtime sketch: @chromdom 's Starbuck:


  • TamTam Registered User regular
    MrMonroe wrote: »
    MrMonroe wrote: »
    DMAC wrote: »

    Animal Type: Mouse


    Origin: Deliberate Experimentation by a Biological Research Organization

    Some kind of laboratory experiment
    is performed on the animal that causes the changes. The
    animal's structure or genetics were purposely altered for some purpose.

    Raised in the home of a researcher as a pet. Still living
    in the home and fairly loyal to family members. The character
    will resent humans somewhat, but will still attempt to find
    acceptance among mankind.


    Intelligence: 11
    Willpower: 12
    Charisma: 8
    Strength: 13
    Dexterity: 20
    Endurance: 18
    Beauty: 8
    Speed: 14

    Jasper worked as an animal behavior researcher for F.O.O.T. Enterprises for four years after grad school, testing genetically engineered mice, ostensibly to ensure reliability for researchers using the mice in other experiments. Just as Jasper could no longer ignore the increasingly radical mutations, he received subject 82403, a larger mouse with reflexes and agility far beyond anything he had ever seen. After losing subject 82403 in the lab three times, Jasper gave him a name and resolved to save him from whatever experiments would be performed on him after being surrendered as "abnormal."

    Jasper took his new friend home and took to calling him "Monroe". It was not long, however, before Jasper's employers realized one of their specimens had been stolen. Eager to hide any evidence of their experiments and their purpose, several "security specialists" were dispatched to Jasper's home. Monroe's attempted warnings to Jasper went unheeded, and he had no choice but to disappear when Jasper's murderers arrived.

    As his mutation progressed, Monroe grew more intelligent and more angry. Sworn to take revenge for Jasper's death, he no longer tests his agility in Jasper's games, but against the security turbolasers of the companies whose greed killed him. He no longer searches for cheese, but for biological weapon precursors! He does not salivate at the bell of the researches, but tolls it at midnight for the names of the wicked!

    to battle the intellectually inferior, yet far larger and stronger humans, Monroe has devised a portable power station and taser claw arm capable of delivering over 10 amps of current instantly, more than enough to kill any human


    MrMonroetapeslingerASimPersonBrovid HasselsmofDevastation Bobsquidbunny
  • DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator mod
    Based on @Whyther 's beaver assassin, created and trained by a secret criminal organization. Now escaped and working to bring them down.


    WhythertapeslingerASimPersonDevastation Bob
  • kingworkskingworks Registered User regular
    I'm really envious of the smooth inks you guys are able to produce. I suck at inks and left mine as a pencil sketch. Apologies in advance for the crappy paper. babar_pinup_by_kingworks-d5r0d7r.jpg

    IrukatapeslingerBrovid HasselsmofbombardierDevastation Bob
  • franciumfrancium Registered User regular
    Kingworks, your drawing looks great. His tail is creating a tangent with his buttcheaks though.
    Great action star pose as well.

  • Halos Nach TariffHalos Nach Tariff Can you blame me? I'm too famous.Registered User regular
    I rolled a dog-guy. Unfortunately you may note I am terrible at drawing a) dogs and b) anything, but there you go.


    Devastation Bob
  • Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to. Philosophy: Stoicism. Politics: Democratic SocialistRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    DMAC wrote: »
    One of these days I really want to run a Road Hogs (After the Bomb) adventure. Basically Mad Max with mutant animals in the American Southwest.


    Cause I wanna play!

    I don't got any local groups and boy howdy does every D&D-esque game I join online peter and stop.

    Humor can be dissected as a frog can, but dies in the process.
  • DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator mod
    I haven't had much luck with running games online. I tried running a Star Wars game back in university and when I got too busy and had to end it, one of the players threatened to blacklist me among nerds on the Internet.

  • earthwormadamearthwormadam ancient crust Registered User regular
    this is so fucking cool


  • tapeslingertapeslinger Space Unicorn Slush Ranger Social Justice Rebel ScumRegistered User regular
    Oh no! Not The Internet!

    Did some more sketching, and I could definitely stand to diversify my portfolio with some more character work so I might have to pull a team together from some of these dudes and do some sculpting...

  • DoobhDoobh She/Her, Ace Pan/Bisexual 8-) What's up, bootlickers?Registered User regular
    You are all fantastic

    keep 'em coming!

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    Twitch (I stream most days of the week)
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  • Devastation BobDevastation Bob Registered User regular
    Shao-lin Frog needs to be colored.

  • Good EatsGood Eats Registered User regular
    I would love to see any of the characters I rolled come to life

    Unfortunately there is no way I can do it myself as I can't draw diddly squat

    And on my Sister's character the Bat she'll think of something soon (Hopefully) She's just a bit of a perfectionist, doesn't make quick story decisions like I do...

  • MuddyParasolMuddyParasol Registered User regular
    Based on @Good%20Eats Super Spy Seal


  • JABMonkeyJABMonkey Cincinnati, OHRegistered User regular



  • Good EatsGood Eats Registered User regular
    OMG! Sirocco looks positively awesome! Thanks bunches!

  • MyGfsDogMyGfsDog Registered User regular
    Man, I wish I had time to do this! It's interesting how anthropomorphic and furry are similar things, yet very different. And you can tell the difference between the two almost immediately. I guess it's kind of a animal-human VS human-animal type thing.

    JABMonkey, your monkey looks really good! But monkeys are tricky because, well, they're already practically human. So you're monkey just kinda looks like a monkey wearing close. But I honestly can't think of much more you can do to make it more anthropomorphic looking. It's still quite good, though, don't get me wrong!

  • JABMonkeyJABMonkey Cincinnati, OHRegistered User regular
    It probably doesn't help that I was using capuchins as a base model. :) But they happen to be very strong and very weak, in keeping with Aleta's stats.

    Thanks for the compliment :)

  • ninjaininjai Registered User regular
    edited July 2013
    sorry about crappy foto, scanner broken.

    ninjai on
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