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Gimbal is the multiplayer shooter with buildable vehicles. Customize your weaponry, engines, and accessories, and then take to the skies against other pilots in real time.

It plays a bit like Subspace/Continuum. Players attack the enemy team to eliminate them or destroy their carrier. As they play, they earn money to build better ships. 60+ parts are available, including engines, weapons, sensors, and aerodynamics. Additionally, players can share their ships as images over the internet (ship data is stored in PNG metadata).

On to the screenshots!





Hard Sci-fi slant: Strict physics and combat dynamics
Real Time multiplayer for 16+ players over Internet/LAN
Integrated server browser
Player-hosted, highly customizable servers, with bots
Custom ship building with physics and 60+ parts
Build for power, speed, durability, handling, and awareness
Money/Bounty system
PNG-based ship sharing over the Web

Windows and a Graphics Card

Official Trailer
Gameplay Video
Official Website
Demo Download
Greenlight Page
IndieDB Page
Gimbal SubReddit
Facebook Page

Gimbal is fully up and running with a growing player base. Come join us in the Forum, Chat, or in-game!

(Free codes below)


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    colinsharkcolinshark Registered User regular
    edited January 2013
    I'm the dev, Colin. I have 25 free codes to disburse. Just PM me for one.

    colinshark on
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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    Any plans for single player? This looks ballin but I don't really play multiplayer games.

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    colinsharkcolinshark Registered User regular
    Tube wrote: »
    Any plans for single player? This looks ballin but I don't really play multiplayer games.
    Aw man. Probably not. The focus from square one has always been multiplayer. When you build SP+MP game, you are pretty much building two games. Given the resources, I'd most like to build a co-op version with short challenges.

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    TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEON Registered User regular
    Botmatches aren't intolerably awful if you want to play those, but this is definitely a multiplayer game. It's also a pretty fun one although I don't like the whole "you start at level zero and get utterly destroyed by people with massive deathships" aspect of the whole thing.

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    AtheraalAtheraal Registered User regular
    edited February 2013
    Wow, I was blown away when I hit f6 and went into dogfight mode. With that addition I actually prefer this to Subspace/Continuum, which is saying something for this kind of game. The ships feel good, and I love being able to edit them so much to handle even better for my playstyle. Great job Colin!

    Any plans to make a map editor for player use? I know feature creep is taboo in game development, but it would be awesome to be able to set up checkpoints in an obstacle course, and do some racing. (Carmageddon style racing, of course)

    Voted you up on greenlight!

    Atheraal on
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    DeebaserDeebaser on my way to work in a suit and a tie Ahhhh...come on fucking guyRegistered User regular
    Holy shit this looks amazing. I've been waiting for something silent death onlineish for about a decade

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    colinsharkcolinshark Registered User regular
    Gimbal Newz


    1. Expansion: There are just a couple weeks of dev/testing left for the Gimbal Expansion (Beta) features. Some of you have been in on this, so you know what it is. You'll have to wait until the actual release for the complete feature listing, but there will be more parts and popular game modes such as Capture-the-Flag, to really flesh out the game. There is no charge for the expansion- It's just a very large release.

    2. Cheap Gimbal: Gimbal is now part of the IndieGala Mass Effect Bundle for the next 11 days. It's Pay-What-You-Want, but you need to beat the price threshold to get Gimbal and Mass Effect 2, among others.

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    colinsharkcolinshark Registered User regular

    It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Gimbal Expansion One! It has taken many months of Beta testing and development, but Expansion One is now here. Thank you, Beta Testers!

    This is the largest release of Gimbal features since Gimbal's original launch in August 2012. Expansion One has new game modes, weapons, and features which work together to bring Gimbal in line with my original vision.

    It's a free update to Gimbal, so all you have to do is launch Gimbal and let the automatic updater do its thing.

    26 Indispensable New Parts
    • Linear Extenders
    • Winches
    • The Repair Bot
    • Repulsor and Tractor Force Fields
    • Captive Bolt Guns
    • Drone Missiles
    • Huge Naval Cannons
    • Stealth Armor
    • Bumpers
    • Smarter Stabilizers
    • +More



    New Maps
    • The Cyber World will challenge your senses
    • Build with friends in MULTIPLAYER Flight Test
    • Enhanced Classic Maps


    Racing Mode
    • Mach 3 ships welcome!
    • Race your friends or race the clock
    • All weapons legal
    • Superspeedway and "road" courses available


    • Spammy gun barges welcome!
    • Mindless fragging action
    • EVERYTHING is legal in deathmatch

    Elimination Deathmatch
    • Where death is real
    • Are you a bad enough dude to survive?

    Capture The Flag
    • Where true teamwork is rewarded
    • Defend or Aggress - YOU CHOOSE!
    • Grab possessions that are not yours
    • Terrorize your enemies by activating your flag holder relict



    Custom Avatars
    • Force your friends and enemies to look at your avatar
    • Look Fresh
    • Look Cool



    Gimbal is not just a game- it's a community. Here are places where players are trading ships and doing Gimbal-type stuff.
    Gimbal Forums
    Gimbal Chat (#gimbal on Rizon.net)
    Gimbal Steam Greenlight Page
    Gimbal Subreddit
    Gimbal Facebook Page

    See you in the servers!

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    colinsharkcolinshark Registered User regular
    Just released the V.32 patch, which rectifies some issues with the initial Expansion release. Should be pretty smooth now!

    Full list of changes:

    Fixed the main cause of sync errors and possibly all sync errors
    Fixed repair bot exploits and crashes
    Fixed server crashes from tethers
    Fixed server crashes from drone missiles
    Fixed misplaced extenders bug
    Fixed Missile Lock/BCPU/RoboSight/PointDefense targeting on DM/EDM/RACE maps
    Fixed excessive logging of IRC messages
    Fixed flags getting stuck together
    Fixed flag capping to be faster and more reliable
    Improved load times slightly
    Added more hotkeys to the designer (s=snap to grid, m=mirror, comma and period = rotate, ctrl+n = new)
    Added server drain feature

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    FremFrem Registered User regular
    I picked this up when it went on IndieGameStand and attempted to play it with an Xbox controller. The experience was... not great. I had to reconfigure the controls for each new part individually. I don't see anything about gamepads in the change list; is this still primarily intended to be played with a mouse and keyboard?

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    hipie55555hipie55555 Registered User new member
    colinshark wrote: »
    I'm the dev, Colin. I have 25 free codes to disburse. Just PM me for one.
    Is this how i p.m.? Also if you want to send me one of those codes send it to this email piehipster@gmail.com Please. Also this game looks fricken amazing.

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