S-video to SCART question.

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Hello. My PS3 came with composite cables and I am finding the video quality unsatisfactory for my TV. I do have a HDMI cable which would offer the best quality, however, I also split my signal to a recording device. Unfortunately the recording device only accepts composite or S-Video, not component or HDMI so the quality is standard for what I am using it for. However I am thinking of at least upgrading to S-Video. It is unfortunate I cannot use HDMI or component while I am recording, but that is the way things are.

Unfortunately, from a quick examination of my TV, I have found it does not have an S-Video input. It does however, have a big SCART input. Many SCART adapters have an S-Video input, however I have always shied away from using SCART, and have never used S-video. I want to ask, if I plug S-video into a SCART adapter, will the quality of the video still be superior to composite or will it be degraded? (I have always thought SCART was pretty bad, but I've never used S-video with it.) I am asking because I would have to buy a new PS3 video cable to test it. Ideally, the PS3 would output to both HDMI and S-video at the same time, but I don't think that is possible and I have to compensate.

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    I don't really know about SCART, but from its wiki page it seems to carry s-video natively. The problems come when you're trying to pass RGB or component through it.

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    A SCART adapter will pass-through S-Video without degrading quality. It will be an improvement over composite, but not as good as raw RGB from a PS3-to-SCART output cable.

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