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Share box at PAX



  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Kiashien wrote: »
    talk to either the handheld lounge people, or the retro console lounge, and see if they'd be willing to host it, then post it on the forums?

    This has already been done, in this thread, and they said no.

  • RevGutterRevGutter Registered User regular
    I'm going to be traveling with it and hope to do a few set meet ups. I think I will be able to have a portable enclosure and still be able to swap it into wall-e when I'll be stationary for a while.

    To address a few of your suggestions...
    There won't be any type of password. To me in defeats the purpose. Not everyone checks the forums and if they see a locked down AP their first reaction is most likely going to be "Guess that's private. Moving on."

    Yeah can't have anywhere host it due to liability concerns that have been stated here.

    I've said I'm only blacklisting a few things and there's a reason for that. Sure using a whitelist for just pdf, jpeg and docs would cut down on things but wouldn't totally stop it. On the other hand if there is a strict whitelist it means you can only share what I decide is share worthy. Again defeats the purpose. Everyone should be free to put an mp3 of their own music (or for example, JoCo stuff that has been released under CC), a pdf for a tabletop they wrote, a cool little ready to print 3d object, a sweet minecraft map... While I want to keep the naughty under control I do not want to put hard restrictions on the good.

    There's going to be a very clear splash page that will say only share legal things. I'm also depending on the people who use the share to help police that. If you see something that should not be there you will be able to click a little button next to the post and instantly remove it. Hopefully no on abuses that, I'm putting a lot of faith in the community to do the right thing and I don't expect to be let down.

  • RevGutterRevGutter Registered User regular
    Stopping by to say this is still alive and I've updated the first post with the project details.

    My code fu is much more rusty than i had expected, hence huge delay. I'm somewhat ashamed to say I was stalled damn near a week due to a misplaced exclamation point. All is on track now and am just working on something portable to keep it in. Wall-e is just to bulky to lug around but i do have another plan.

    I set up a twitter and listed it in the OP. If there's still interest I can do some scheduled sit-n-share meetups once I get a chance to really look at the schedule.

  • RevGutterRevGutter Registered User regular
    Don't want to seem like I'm bumping my own thread. have a few new bits of info to add here..
    Friday and Saturday I will be in Handheld at 3pm. There is a tentative meet scheduled for Sunday at noon also depending on level of interest.

    It will be running other random times, like pre concerts and after expo closes, so remember to follow on twitter.

    The super rad Mc Frontalot has given me the OK to put a butt load of his tracks on the box. Even though they're creative commons, I cleared it with JoCo anyway to put some of his on there too. Trying to get a few more things to seed the box with but remember, the more you guys add yourself the better it will be. Bring your cool files to PAX and get to sharing.

  • BearTheHumanBearTheHuman Registered User regular
    I will be bringing my own band's music to share on this here doohickey.

  • MalfeisMalfeis Protagonist. 2d10 hit die. Chaotic Neutral. Registered User regular
    I have a Corsair Voyager Air I'll be traveling with (mostly to stream videos to my tablet while I'm on the train), and was thinking of doing something similar - a self-contained file drop in my backpack that anyone could connect to and upload/download from while I'm within range. The only major problem there is that portable devices need the official app (though proper computers can just connect as if it were an AP and drag/drop). Still, I love discovering stuff like this when I'm at a convention - a combination of modern tech and old-school sneaker net. :)

    I'm testing it out now, but if it's not too much of a pain, I'll post the name here, just for kicks.

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  • RevGutterRevGutter Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    @BearTheHuman Awesome, that's exactly the reason I built the dang thing.

    So.. ran in to a MAJOR problem. Seems the box hard reboots when transferring anything over ~12mb. No idea if its a software issue or just the limited resources the hardware itself has. This stage in the game I don't have time to figure it out so that's just going to have to be enough. It really sucks but I'm going to try to make the best of what i have.
    Nevermind all that junk, I found a way around it but had to drop some features. I kept the option to delete files but couldnt implement the file restrictions I had due to using an entirely different process for uploads. As much as i wanted to keep the size cap I think maxing out at 12mb would have just been too restrictive.

    On a much happier note, it's done! I couldn't fit the battery pack inside which bums me out a little but it still looks pretty rad.

    RevGutter on
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