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I hope this is the right spot for front page errors. If I'm posting in the wrong spot I apologize and request that the thread be locked and that I be pointed in the right direction for where to appropriately post this.

Ever since their front page redesign with the ad-free environment, the front page has not loaded properly for me at home on my PC.

Here's a picture of what I see every time I load the main Penny Arcade front page:


As you can see in the picture, there appears to be a layering or artifacting issue of some sort.

I'm running Google Chrome as my browser. My OS is Win7.


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    I've seen it a few times (same browser and OS), and so far I've been inclined to blame chrome as having a bizarre render bug, since Chrome's dev tools doesn't indicate any reason that I can tell on why it would display that way.

    But for me, it also doesn't happen consistently. So far I've disabled chrome's GPU compositing, which may have helped, but I also thought the same thing when I tried clearing its cache. (edit: nope that doesn't help either)

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