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Joomla Site - Editing Images?

cmsamocmsamo Registered User regular
Anyone out there use Joomla for website management? I need to change an image on a homepage, replacing it with another image, and I'm ashamed to say I can't find my way around Joomla's cryptic back end menu system. If anyone can help, either drop me a line here, or send a PM, and I'll link you to the site and explain exactly what I need to do... In essence, I need to replace a header banner, and replace an image that's in the right sidebar, but I can't find the correct places to do it...



  • cmsamocmsamo Registered User regular
    Urk... solved. After digging around in the Joomla Module Manager, I found that the previous designer had named the module that was holding the side images as 'blank'.... Pls lock :)

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