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[Trailers] 2 Minutes in Heaven



  • ElJeffeElJeffe Moderator, ClubPA mod
    ElJeffe wrote: »
    I saw H&G Get Baked at a Red Box a couple of times and assumed it was an Asylum movie. That trailer actually looks fun, though.

    And I think Squirrels worked great as a trailer, but I doubt I want to see 90 minutes of it. They already failed at serious drama by having the squirrel jump at the camera, and playing it for laughs will get old the second time someone has their face chewed off by fucking Chip and Dale.*

    *Yes, I know they are chipmunks.

    The Asylum and the Wayans have ruined spoofs for me now. Unless it is an extremely well liked director/writer on the credits, I avoid spoofs like the plague.


    What a coinky-dink, I was just thinking to myself that there were insufficient reasons to stay the hell out of Arizona and New Mexico!

    Maddie: "I named my feet. The left one is flip and the right one is flop. Oh, and also I named my flip-flops."

    I make tweet.
  • skeldareskeldare Gresham, ORRegistered User regular

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  • PantsBPantsB Registered User regular
    So apparently it's a Hansel and Gretel movie.

    No, not that one.

    No, not that other one either.

    Molly Quinn awesome!

    *Watches trailer*


    QEDMF xbl: PantsB G+
  • DiannaoChongDiannaoChong Registered User regular
    skeldare wrote: »

    I read the exact opposite of this in middle school, jewish daughter hides a nazi prisoner in like kansas or something. It was awful and so dumb.

  • TomantaTomanta Registered User regular
    PantsB wrote: »
    Molly Quinn awesome!

    *Watches trailer*


    At least she wasn't typecast!

  • DeaderinredDeaderinred Registered User regular
    do we have a new thread? shouldnt we have a new thread?

    either way, lets end this thread with just like it started.

    yeah this is going to be really good.

  • ElJeffeElJeffe Moderator, ClubPA mod
    A'ight, somebody make a new thread. I nominate...


    Yes, you. Do it! Now!

    Maddie: "I named my feet. The left one is flip and the right one is flop. Oh, and also I named my flip-flops."

    I make tweet.
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