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    sidran32sidran32 MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    wildbohr wrote: »
    sidran32 - I will definitely take a look at options for distinguishing favorites in the main list. I also have been wanting to add something to notify the user whats new in the schedule when it gets updated. The category bug is something with the widget I use there is another bug with it too that bothers me visually I'll log those with the dev.

    Cool, thanks for the quick response! I know they're minor but I figured I'd throw light on them. I already shared the app with another one of my friends who I'm attending with. It's definitely going to be a useful tool for the convention this weekend!

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    wildbohrwildbohr Fredericton, NBRegistered User regular
    No worries sidran32 I love getting feedback on my apps!

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    ZoltanZoltan Registered User new member
    I used the Guidebook app at last year's PAX East and it worked like a charm. Today, however, I found out that Guidebook requires an update that only works on iOS 4.3 or newer. My 2nd Gen ipod touch is capped out at version 4.2.1. Any ideas? Alternatives? I may end up resorting to using my Vita's browser to stay on top of events and panels, clumsy as that would be.

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    sidran32sidran32 MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    edited March 2013
    EDIT: Nevermind. I was mistaken.

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    PorkchopPorkchop Registered User regular
    Smoogy wrote: »

    Man, I didn't know what Ingress was and thought you were actually using the level up metaphor for your life in Boston at first...

    Ha! I suppose I did a little life leveling as well that day. But not really. PAX is where all of the REAL XP (AP) is at :P

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