[mini-phalla] Trouble aboard the SS Phallatomic! - Village and Langly Victory



  • premiumpremium Registered User regular
    Retaba wrote: »
    Thank you for hosting Premium! It was fun, I really like the spaceship phalla games. Like a lot. Sorry I didn't create a better name :| Also, I really liked Capfalcon's name.

    Also, gonna grudge you Iron Weasel :P (in good fun)

    Sorry Kime! I told Langly about your neutralness and it was over from there, also I guess you told him about being a spy. I got your gun and bomb.

    and what(who) hit me day 1?

    I'd have to double check the spreadsheet but I'm pretty sure it was Mikey blind firing all 9 damage into you.

  • KilnagaKilnaga Registered User regular
    Which is what we figured it was. :D

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  • Mikey CTSMikey CTS Registered User regular
    Kilnaga wrote: »
    Which is what we figured it was. :D

    Players gotta play, mafia with big fuck off guns...

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  • Iron WeaselIron Weasel Dillon! You son of a bitch!Registered User regular
    Retaba wrote: »
    Also, gonna grudge you Iron Weasel :P (in good fun)
    Totally reasonable, amigo.

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  • MalkorMalkor Registered User regular
    Well this was fun while it lasted. I probably should have lied my ass off that first time I was asked about my location.

    GG all. It was a pretty neat setup Premium

  • InvictusInvictus Registered User regular
    edited February 2013
    This was the first game where I felt I really contributed to the village. My big analysis day was substantially correct, I think, about almost everything that had happened, particularly once Kilnaga convinced me in conversation that he was clean.

    EDIT: and I think I was on Mikey and bum as early as anyone.

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