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Moving to a new city (possible Seattle thread)

ZekZek Registered User regular
So today I live in Minneapolis where I moved last year for a job. Didn't like the job much, the state is okay but not my cup of tea(I thought I would be okay with the cold but no I'm not at all). So for a while I've been saving up cash and considering moving elsewhere when I got the chance. Then yesterday I got laid off, and my lease is up in April, so it seems like now's the time to make it happen. Financially I'm okay for a while, but there are a couple details I'm trying to iron out:

- First off, where to go. I've had kind of a nerd fantasy about moving to Seattle for a while, so that's been at the top of my list. I work as a web developer so it seems like a good career choice and culturally it sounds like a decent match(I'm pretty much your typical geeky introvert). The other option is New York City, the main draw of which being that I have family in the area - I went to college and worked for a while in NJ on the outskirts. I spent some time in the city but not really enough to get a feel for living there. My gut feeling is that I don't really identify with the "vibe" of that city as much but I'm starting to question if I'm imagining things. Anybody have any general advice here? How's life in Seattle? I'm trying to compare it to New York both culturally and pragmatically, i.e. cost of living, public transit, etc.

- The job hunt. I'm feeling that I want to decide on the city I want to live in first and then focus on jobs there - I did the opposite moving to MN for this job, and now that it didn't pan out I'm stuck in a city I don't care about, so I don't want to repeat that mistake. The question I'm pondering is if I want to wait out my lease and send remote applications until I'm forced to move, or move earlier(at the cost of a month or two of wasted rent) for the advantage of applying locally. Does anyone have any insight on how much of a disadvantage I'll be at as a remote applicant compared to someone in the area? I'm a bit concerned that I'll be automatically passed up for job opportunities remotely that I might have gotten if I were local, and interviewing will obviously be a hassle even if I get responses on my applications. And if I try to do both then I might have less remaining to choose from when I do move there.

Basically I am at a literal crossroads here, and I need life advice! Any general pointers would be appreciated. Thanks dudes.

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