Hedwig and the Angry [chat]



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    GnomeTank wrote: »
    Oh hey, I actually know where @y2jake215's avatar is from...for once I actually get the cultural reference of an avatar!

    (It's the face Paul Pierce made when he found out about Rondo's ACL tear, booyah!)

    Poor Rondeau

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    maybe i'm streaming terrible dj right now if i am its here
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    Eddy wrote: »

    if it makes you feel better half of the government either thinks I'm an abomination or uses my kind as a scapegoat to rally their base

    there's a handful of states where I have incomplete legal protection as compared to the rest of the country where I have no legal protection against discrimination in the work place

    we shall overcome hirsutism

    What makes you think there is anything to overcome, smooth-skin.

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    @Vanguard make the new chat

    @Podly is backup

    Geth, close the thread

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    Affirmative Jacobkosh. Closing thread...

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