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The SomethingAwful forums have a cool feature where if you click the "?" next to someone's post, it shows you all of their posts in a thread. It's helpful for reading Let's Play threads because you can just read the updates by the OP; it's good for OPs who every once in a while want to keep the OP updated with news updates they post (it lets them go back through the thread and find what they've been posting); it's good for long discussions if you remember someone posting something but can't remember when, because it lets you narrow down your search; it's good if you jump into a long thread that you don't want to read entirely but you see someone posting interesting stuff and want to see what they have to say; it's good for art dump/sketchbook threads to just find what the artist has posted; it's probably helpful for Phalla or whatever the fuck those things are but I have no idea; and so on (it would be nice, for instance, if I could go back through the Spec Ops thread and see what I've posted about that game if I ever want to write a longer, more coherent piece about it).

So would this be something we could have implemented by our lords and masters? Also as long as I'm talking about the SA forums, they also have a "mark all replies as read up to this point" button that marks all later posts as unread so that you can pick a spot in a thread and say "I want to come back here later."

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    vBulletin has this quite generally, I remember the old PA forums having this feature too, albeit not linked from user posts (you had to click the post count to see the list of people who had posted, then click their username).

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