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Waves' Creative Output

Man of the WavesMan of the Waves Registered User regular
I have been feeling inspired to find a creative output for a little while now. Comic books were the catalyst, which I started reading again a year ago. To that end, I picked up the sketch book from I Draw Comics and few supplies. I've barely had any time to devote to drawing, but I couldn't wait any longer for my schedule to clear up.

I started working in the book few days ago and here are the results:

Day one:


Day two:




And a quick couple of bonus doodlings I did before going to sleep yesterday


(This was done without reference.)

So far, I've enjoyed working on growing and learning. I'm really looking forward to seeing how far I can take this.


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    NibCromNibCrom Registered User regular
    Work on creating long, confident lines. Short, scratchy lines are not desired. This will come with time and practice.

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